About Unifying Your Contacts List on Your iPad

The iPad 2 and iPad are powerful and amazing devices. In order to provide you amazing things in it we have connected some tricks and tips in this article. Now let is discuss about them in detail.

Contacts-icon-300x300Unifying your Contacts list on your iPad:

Time to time we have gotten a little sloppy when it comes to keep our contacts in order. The main thing is it’s a product of importing our contacts to our iPhone and iPad in the first place. If we start scratching simply and enter the contacts one by one, then it will take more time. Here the task is you need to save the time. After the continues study come to the conclusion that all the information of the contacts from various emails accounts that are accumulated for over the years, because there is no time to collect all the information in a single account. The result of electric mix of half backed contact is really a solution, but not while most of us want.

Unify the contacts:

From multiple sources the contacts that are saved not only create a half baked solution but can be hard to navigate, for same person the storing multiple entries will result sometimes. By displaying and linking the contacts from different sources Apple attempts to overcome the dilemma of redundant contacts as a single unified contact. With the tag Unified Contact it is further identified.

Unfortunately for the same contact, multiple entries aren’t automatically linked always. There is no need to worry because you can unify them quite easily by yourself. In one of the contact list choose Edit and Link Contact and you need to choose the other contact to which you like to link. The linked contacts are not merged actually, the unified contacts will be copied with each source account if you make any changes to its information wherever they may reside.

One note should be made about linking the contacts that don’t share a common last or first name – the names that are available on the individual cards will not get changed, but the name should be chosen that appears on the unified card. Tap on the Edit, and with the name you prefer tab the linked card, and then tap on Use This Name For Unified Card.