About Unifying Your Contacts List on Your iPad

The iPad 2 and iPad are powerful and amazing devices. In order to provide you amazing things in it we have connected some tricks and tips in this article. Now let is discuss about them in detail.

Contacts-icon-300x300Unifying your Contacts list on your iPad:

Time to time we have gotten a little sloppy when it comes to keep our contacts in order. The main thing is it’s a product of importing our contacts to our iPhone and iPad in the first place. If we start scratching simply and enter the contacts one by one, then it will take more time. Here the task is you need to save the time. After the continues study come to the conclusion that all the information of the contacts from various emails accounts that are accumulated for over the years, because there is no time to collect all the information in a single account. The result of electric mix of half backed contact is really a solution, but not while most of us want.

Unify the contacts:

From multiple sources the contacts that are saved not only create a half baked solution but can be hard to navigate, for same person the storing multiple entries will result sometimes. By displaying and linking the contacts from different sources Apple attempts to overcome the dilemma of redundant contacts as a single unified contact. With the tag Unified Contact it is further identified.

Unfortunately for the same contact, multiple entries aren’t automatically linked always. There is no need to worry because you can unify them quite easily by yourself. In one of the contact list choose Edit and Link Contact and you need to choose the other contact to which you like to link. The linked contacts are not merged actually, the unified contacts will be copied with each source account if you make any changes to its information wherever they may reside.

One note should be made about linking the contacts that don’t share a common last or first name – the names that are available on the individual cards will not get changed, but the name should be chosen that appears on the unified card. Tap on the Edit, and with the name you prefer tab the linked card, and then tap on Use This Name For Unified Card.

How to Upgrade SSD in MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

Even though Mac users are not storing much of video files and images on their MacBook Pro hard drive, it will quickly get filled up with many other files. Therefore, replacing the SSD drive in the MacBook Pro notebook with retina display is an alternative solution for this problem. Here is how to replace SSD drive in your MacBook Pro hard disk drive.


For this, you must have a 15-inch 2013 MacBook Pro with retina display that has 256 GB of storage space. Then, purchase a 250 GB or more capacity of SSD drive and Envoy Pro upgrade kit, which costs US$ 288. This kit includes not only the SSD drive, but also all necessary screw drives to open up the MacBook Pro. It also includes enclosure, so that you can turn off your older SSD and make it as portable drive.

Follow below mentioned steps one by one to upgrade SSD in your MacBook Pro with retina display:

Step 1: back up your MacBook Pro hard drive data: If anything goes wrong while upgrading SSD in your MacBook Pro, you may lose all your data that are stored in your MacBook hard disk. So, firstly you have to backup all your precious files on some storage media.

Step 2: Unscrew bottom cover of your MacBook Pro with Retina Display: Totally, there will be 10 screws and they are all of same size. Be careful that you won’t lose any of the screws, so it is better to hold them in a little box until you need them.


Step 3: Remove the screw holding SSD in place: For this, you need to use the second screwdriver that came in the toolkit.


Step 4: Next, you have to remove the SSD gently


Step 5: Then, insert the new SSD into your MacBook Pro and screw it into a right place.


Step 6: Here, you need to replace the bottom cover of MacBook Pro and then replace all the screws.


Step 7: As next step, you have to open the external drive enclosure, then insert your old SSD, and screw it into place. This is very crucial for restoring all your files.


Step 8: Then, switch on your MacBook Pro and hold down command + R key that is the initial step for internet recovery process.


Step 9: Then, connect to a Wi-Fi network and carefully follow the prompts in order to restore your Mac’s operating system. First, you have to use Disk utility to format your new drive.


Step 10: Now, you can either restore your Mac OS from a Time Machine backup or you can reinstall the Mac OS X.


Step 11: Connect OWC external drive to your MacBook Pro with the help of included USB cable

Step 12: on the Mac, you need to open Applications > utilities folder, and then launch Migration Assistant.


Step 13: Carefully follow the steps and transfer all your data from your old SSD to your MacBook.


The Darkest Corner of the Internet, Mariana’s web

Remember the first think that you heard about the dark web it was described as disgusting and morally corrupt or wicked marketplace. These places are just like the unwanted place where the children, pirated movies as well as drugs are mostly bought for smallest bitcoin. These places are totally paint or covered with the help of newspaper having pages half the size and dominated by headlines, sensational stories and photographs. It looks like a top fear place. Many security providing companies sell threat intelligence services which suggest killing for bad guys in dark dens. This security company allows hunting of bad people to deal organ harvesting, to do involuntary experiments on their body, and many more. Like many people, they also heard vivid siren song that is irresistible because of fear and unease.

The dark web’s distinctive atmosphere is all about corrupt and wicked. That is despite the fact that the dark web is main root to lot of other communities and they didn’t perform well and are not able to do anything unless you think about evil also there are huge furry about the social network in dark web that usually wants privacy.

After all these the humans organ harvesting is nothing until you move to the closest part of the web, where’s people do not want you to leave and that is called as “Mariana’s Web”. The heroes of Mariana web get its name from deep of the ocean called Mariana’s Trench. This place you can observe as a place for mysterious evil or the mythos which subset behaviors online that has cultivated.

About the darkest secrets of humanity which you may get from the history, this all depends on the place from where you get Mariana’s Web myth. When you find history there are many things which belongs to the most powerful intelligence agencies, these includes the secret archives of the Vatican, about the secret location of Atlantis and various database archives. Most people thought that Mariana is a home for all powerful female having artificial intelligence entity. The definition of Mariana web is technically impossible that’s why its definition is mysterious. It is supposed that the Mariana web is only be accessible through quantum computers- which only exist in science fiction. The clients of infosec firms who is asking for threats in Intel packages which includes to Mariana web information which is also an anecdotal.

How to save Windows Store apps to external storage in Windows 10?

Windows_StoreWindows is the operating system generated by Microsoft corporate. It is used mostly by the people throughout the world. There are many versions of Windows operation system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc. Among all these versions Windows 10 is the latest version and this version of Windows is made in such a way that is can be applicable for mobiles, tabs, laptops and desktop also. Windows 10 has some advanced features when compared to other versions of Windows such as fast performance, effective interface, associated with universal apps, etc.

When you install more applications from Windows store apps in the system and the memory may exceed its storage limit. In such situation have to options one is to uninstall and delete the applications and other is to store those applications in any external storing device. Everyone will prefer to choose second option because no one wants to delete the applications since those applications will be useful and necessary to the user.

Now lets us study about how to save Windows Store apps to external storage in Windows 10?

Switch on the computer and connect the external storage device to it. Now go to Start and click Settings, in Settings go to System and there select Storage. By doing this, you can see the list of all the connected storage devices to your computer. Under Save location will see drop down menu under “New apps will save to” then you click that menu and select the external storage drive you want to save the applications. Now you click the “Apply” option which is displayed over it and after clicking you are done with this task.

If you try to transfer applications when the external storage device is not connected properly to the system then the applications will be saved back to the internal memory card for the safety of the applications. In this situation you need to reconnect the external storage device and do the procedure which is mentioned above.

Get an Idea on How to Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst)

Microsoft Outlook is the personal information manager and email client application designed and developed by Microsoft Company as a part of Microsoft office suite. It control the deluge of outlook attributes like emails, notes, tasks, calendar entries, RSS feeds, journals, etc. All these Outlook attributes gets stored in personal information table with .pst extension. So it is better to keep backup of Outlook PST files.

How to repair Outlook

Sometimes unexpected errors like header file corruption, file transfer interruption, Outlook application crash, etc. may results in the corruption of Outlook PST files. Due to this user cannot able to access the Outlook files and start thinking how to repair Outlook PST files. Instead of wasting your valuable time by thinking much, make use of this 100% safe secured and result oriented software called Outlook Repair software. This software consists of advanced scanning algorithm which has the capability to repair the damaged PST files with hassle free manner.

If your PST files get corrupted then you may encounter with following error messages

  1. Internal errors were found in this file
  2. Inbox repair tool cannot find PST file
  3. Scanpst.exe is in use by another program
  4. Scnpst32.dll was not found
  5. Inbox repair tool not responding, etc.

Reasons behind the corruption of Outlook PST files:

  1. Header of PST file stores entire file attributes like file name, file size, file creation and modified date etc. If it gets corrupted due to any reasons then it results in the corruption of PST files.
  2. Regular usage of hard drive and saving infected files on the hard drive might create bad sectors. Due to this PST files get corrupted and become inaccessible to open.
  3. While accessing the emails from internet if any sort of interruption occurs like network failures, etc. then there may be chances of corruption of PST files.
  4. Each PST file should have a fixed size of 2 GB. If its size increased beyond this limit due to accumulation of large amount of data, then it results in the corruption of Outlook PST files and the files become inaccessible.
  5. Some other reasons like Outlook application crash, file transfer interruption, network failures, virus attacks, Outlook up-gradation errors, etc. are also responsible for the corruption of Outlook PST files.

Features of Outlook Repair Software:

This software easily repairs damaged or corrupted Outlook PST files on various versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista, XP, Windows server 2003 and server 2008 and also repair’s the corrupted PST files on various Microsoft Outlook versions like outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000. It gives detailed information about how to repair Outlook PST files. It is a read only tool i.e. it scans the entire damaged PST file, repairs and recovered them in a new PST file .This software is also used for recovering deleted Outlook attributes such as notes, calendar items, files, folders, reminders, RSS feeds, contacts, appointments etc. Outlook PST Repair software is used to restore Outlook emails, which are deleted from deleted items folder in Outlook. It is used fix the broken Outlook PST files that are not repaired by using Scanpst software.

Find an Easy Way to Recover PST File

I am working on Windows system at my home. Outlook 2007 is installed on my system. While upgrading the previous version to Outlook 2010, certain error happens. As a result all saved PST files get lost and become unreachable. I want all my PST files back as soon as possible. I tried with inbox tool but failed to restore such data. Can anyone suggest how to recover deleted or lost PST files using third party tool?

If you are searching for third party tool to recover PST files in pitch perfect way then just make use Outlook Recovery tool. This application is easy to use so that non technical can even recover files with great ease. You are capable in recovering different attributes of Outlook application such as emails, calendars, note book, organizers, journals, etc. This utility can be installed and used on all versions of Windows operating system. You can recover files from in safe and secure way such that recovered files can’t be further corrupted due to virus or malware programs. The users can purchase this application online and enjoy the features of this effective software.

Scenarios for data loss of PST files

Improper Installation of Application: Sometimes Outlook application is not installed properly as a result of which PST files created through this application get corrupted and you are not able to access such files.

Errors while Compaction of PST file: In order to reduce the space utilization of PST file on hard disk sometimes you may compact the PST file of Outlook, during compaction if any error occurs and the compaction process gets interrupted then PST file gets corrupted, if it gets corrupt you will lose the access to all the attributes of Outlook.

Virus Attack: Harmful computer viruses will infect entire data that comes in its vicinity. If it infects the PST file then it will get corrupt, after which you will not be able to access any attributes of Outlook.

Other Factors: Besides of these, there are many other reasons like over sizing of PST file, improper termination of Outlook, by Sharing of PST file on unsecured network etc.

You can use this software to overcome above mentioned scenarios within few simple steps. This software is user friendly since non technical user can ever repair corrupted PST files in perfect way.

Outstanding features of PST recovery application

  • It is effective recovery software that has the ability to recover PST file without any issues.
  • After recovery of PST file you can easily access email messages and all other attributes of Outlook.
  • You can run this application on all new versions of Windows operating system.
  • It’s a safest application that will not modify the PST file instead it will generate a new PST file, in which all the contents of PST file will be saved.
  • Using this software it is possible to recover PST files that cannot be recovered with the help of inbox tool of Outlook.
  • Check this page to know more about the scenarios and features of this recovery tool.

Solution to Perform Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

“Hello friends! I am using laptop since 6 months. I have saved lot of my professional and personal documents in my laptop. Last weekend I was collecting some data to finish my office related pending task, due to low battery my laptop got shutdown. I connected charger to my laptop and when I started it again, I was shocked by seeing my laptop hard drive is inaccessible. I restarted my laptop trice, but the result was same. In any cost, I want to recover all my lost files from inaccessible hard drive. Do you know how laptop hard drive recovery is done? If yes, please guide me with effective method to recover files from laptop inaccessible hard drive.

Data Recovery Laptop_PRTo recover lost/deleted data from laptop hard drive, you need to utilize any third party tool that has reliability in nature. In present market the most selling and effective third party software to recover and save lost files from laptop hard drive is Laptop Disk Recovery software.

Scenarios that are responsible for loss of files from laptop hard drive are as follows:

  • Unreliable Third Party Tool: Most of the times you use to do modification or any other process using third party tools. Some free downloadable third party tools may be unreliable. If you do any process using unreliable third party tool, then there are chances of files getting corrupt.
  • Accidental Format: Accidental format is something like losing years of endeavors in few seconds due to a simple mistake. Formatting is simply defined as losing entire files present on hard drive in one click. As a result, you face data loss from hard drive.
  • Hard Drive Corruption: If the laptop hard drive gets corrupted, due to any reason then you cannot access files/folders/drives of laptop hard drive. To make it accessible, you must format hard drive. Due to formatting entire data will be lost from laptop hard drive.
  • Virus Attack: Virus is a program, which may delete or corrupt healthy files. One reason of virus entering laptop hard drive is file transfer from virus infected drives. If laptop hard drive gets attacked by virus, then it may cause deletion or corruption of files from hard drive.
  • Other Causes: Apart from above mentioned scenarios, there are many other causes that may lead to loss of data from laptop hard drive. Some of them are file header corruption, file system corruption, bad sectors, power surge, etc.

If you stuck with any of the above problem, then make use of Laptop Disk Recovery software and recover all lost/deleted files from laptop hard drive in hassle free manner.

Features of Laptop Disk Recovery Software:

  • This software can easily recover lost files due to accidental formatting hard drive, files deleted using Shift + Delete keys (Windows) and Command + Delete keys (Mac).
  • Laptop Disk Recovery Software is used to recover lost files from several hard drives (SCSI, SATA and IDE).
  • With the help of this tool, recovered files are sorted on the basis of size, name, date and extension of file.
  • This recovering software is supported by many versions of MS Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc) and Mac OS X (Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Mavericks and Yosemite).
  • In demo version of this software you can freely scan and preview lost files, but to save all recovered files you must opt for full version.

Utility to Perform NTFS Formatted Partition Data Recovery

NTFS stands for “New Technology File System”, it’s actually a file system developed by Microsoft Corporation for Windows based computers. NTFS File system helps in storing and retrieving the data on hard drive of Windows computer. It has lot of benefiting capabilities over other file systems, and offers good performance.

Due to some reasons, I have lost data from my system which has NTFS partitions. For getting back formatted NTFS partitions data on Windows computer, you need to use NTFS formatted partition data recovery software. You can make use of Samsung Photo Recovery software which can easily recover NTFS partition after format.

What are reasons that lead to formatting of your NTFS partition?

Up-gradation of OS:  While upgrading OS to newer version of operating system, users need to format the partition and install new version of OS. If user forgets to take back up of their data before installing new OS, they will lose crucial data present in it.

Accidental Deletion:  When user creating multiple partitions on the system hard drive, if user accidentally select format option then they lose all files and folders that are stored in your NTFS partition.

Presence of Bad Sectors: If there are many numbers of bad sectors on NTFS drive, then it won’t be able to react for any activities like read or write that makes data in it inaccessible. Hence you may format the drive, which in turn erases all data from it leading to loss of files

Formatting of NTFS partitions: In case, you format any partition of NTFS hard drive then all its data will get lost in moments.

Improper Partitioning: During the partitioning of hard drive one should be cautious, because if any kind of error occurs in between the process then there is a chance of losing existing NTFS partitions and its data.

Crashing of system: At times it happens that the operating systems of computer get crashes on account of sudden rebooting of system, improper turn off etc. If operating system crashes then there exists a chance of losing data contained in NTFS partition.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Check the drive twice before formatting.
  • Always keep back of important files on some storage device to avoid such issues.

Features of Samsung Photo Recovery software:

  • The software performs deep scanning of formatted device in order to restore files from formatted NTFS partition.
  • It easily recovers files like videos, audio, pictures, etc from NTFS formatted Partition.
  • This software is capable of recovering NTFS formatted Partition data on all latest versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc
  • It also supports recovery of files on Mac operating system.
  • Samsung photo recovery utility can easily restore data from SATA / IDE / SCSI hard disk.
  • You can even preview the restored data using this demo version to check the efficiency of the software.
  • It is capable of recovering data from deleted, missing and inaccessible NTFS partitions.
  • It also used to recover data from re-formatted NTFS partitions or after re-installing the Windows OS.
  • This tool can recover files from FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS5 partitions etc.

Solution to Recover USB Memory Card

USB Memory Card Recovery is the ultimate software used to recover lost files and folders from USB memory card of different types such as CF cards, SD, SDHC, SDXC, xD, miniSD, microSD, etc. Before saving the recovered files user can check the list of recused data by using “Preview” option and save them on desired storage gadgets. This recovery tool consists of sharp scanning techniques to regain lost or deleted files from Universal Serial Bus memory card. You can easily recover USB memory card and other data storage gadgets like iPod, mobile phones, hard drives, flash drive, etc.

imagesMemory cards are the tiny product and portable used to save huge amount of data like videos, images, movies, audio files, text documents, PowerPoint files and many more. Some the leading manufacturer brands of USB memory card are Samsung, Toshiba, PNY, Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, HP, SanDisk, Sony, etc. As it is portable media hence there is more chance of data loss that are saved in memory card. In such conditions no need to worry user can easily bring back their lost files by utilizing USB Memory Card Recovery tool on your system or laptop.

What are the issues behind data loss from USB memory card?

Abrupt Ejection of Memory card: If you plug out your memory card suddenly by ignoring the process like file transfer from memory card to the PC or laptop or due to improper operation this leads to logically corrupt storage device. Therefore, stored files get erased or from the card.

Accidental Deletion: This is one of the usual human error which makes in deletion of data from USB memory card. In order make the free space from the SD card you might select few valuable files instead of choosing unused or unwanted files will results in deletion of data from Universal Serial Bus memory card.

Virus or Malware Attack: Assume, if the memory card is infected with a harmful virus or malware which results your memory card gets corrupted as well as your favorite stored images and other media files get deleted or erased from it.

Unintentional Format: As soon as you connect your USB memory card with laptop to share files from card to system or vice versa at the same time if you encounter the error message “Memory Card is not formatted “then to access the card further you need to perform format. Without having the proper backup of necessary files if you perform format option than you might end up with data loss.

Use of Third Party Utility: At times, images and other media files can be deleted or erased from SD memory card due to use of untrusted or improper third party software in your laptop or system.

Brilliant specification of USB Memory Card Recovery application:

  • It has an ability to restore lost data from damaged or corrupted memory card on both versions of Windows and Macintosh operating system.
  • You can download the free edition of this software to undelete files from different types of hard drive interface are SCSI, IDE and SATA cables.
  • This recovery tool has a powerful search engine that will scans entire USB memory card and recovers all the data with simple steps in few minutes.
  • You can get back loss files successful on different types of file system such as FAT16, ExtFAT, NTFS, HFS+, FAT32, NTFS5 and HFSX partitions.

Mandatory precautions to be taken:

  1. Always remove the memory card in proper procedure.
  2. Backup the essential files before formatting memory card.
  3. Install updated antivirus software in your system.

How to Restore Deleted Email from Outlook PST?

Despite following numerous measures on MS Outlook PST file, people end up deleting a few of the crucial emails from Outlook data file. When emails are deleted using simple delete option they can be restored back from Deleted Items folder. However, if an email is deleted or erased using Shift Delete combination key then selected email is permanently deleted. For these kind of mistakes MS Outlook doesn’t offers any utility.

One of the most preferred applications for restoring deleted email is Restore Deleted Email software. This software has gained reputation because of its outstanding scanning algorithm and user friendly interface. Before getting into details about how to recover deleted or lost emails from MS Outlook PST file, let’s go through a few of the scenarios that causes email deletion.

Accidental Deletion: As we all know that all Outlook versions have a maximum PST size limit. So, in order to withhold corruption of PST file due to over-sizing we need to delete useless emails every now and then. But, if deletion of email is not done in a very attentive way, then, user may end up deleting a few of the important emails.

Deletion from Deleted Items: Every time any file is deleted from Outlook Inbox it gets transferred to Deleted Items folder. Henceforth, giving users a second chance to restore deleted emails from Deleted Items folder. But, if user deletes emails from Deleted Items folder then there is no other option to retrieve deleted emails.

Other Reasons: There are different other reasons that cause inaccessibility of emails from Outlook data file. A few of such scenarios can be PST file header corruption, improper closing of PST file, usage of unreliable recovery application, and many more.  

In all the above mentioned scenarios you can make use of Restore Deleted Email to re-access those lost or deleted emails. Restore Deleted Emails software provides one of the simplest way to recover deleted emails from MS Outlook. This application scans entire PST file in matter of few clicks and lists all the emails that can be recovered. In Outlook style preview window user can check TO, From and Subject line. One of the other benefits of using this utility is that it allows you find PST file (In case if you don’t know exact location of PST file). It can be used to recover emails from any size of Outlook data file. In order to recover deleted emails from newly created PST file, you need to import it into your Outlook and then drag and drop required emails.

Besides restoring emails it can also be used to recover other items of Outlook including calendar items, appointments, RSS feeds, and contacts. This software can be availed for free so download it right now and start recovering your deleted emails.

Supported Outlook Versions: Microsoft Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013

Supported Windows Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Few Measures That Should Be Followed to Avoid Email Deletion:

  • Cross check emails that you are going to delete
  • Make sure before changing settings of Deleted Items Folder