Best Restoration Tool to carry out Photo Recovery

Pictures are the most favorite possession of all the people across the globe as they help them to refresh their precious memories. In order to save these memorable photos, they search for some reliable storage media. You can store these images on different digital devices such as a hard disk of computer or laptop, memory cards, external hard disk drives and more. Though these electronic gadgets secure your data, there are certain critical conditions where your valuable photographs may get deleted or just go missing bringing a big disaster in your life.

Have you lost your precious pictures from the digital camera by accidentally clicking on “Delete All” option while previewing images? Loss of valuable pictures is really a painful situation. Now, are you looking up to get back deleted photo files? Photo recovery program is the most recommended utility that can efficiently restore photos after deletion. This software is capable of retrieving all image file types such as JPEG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PSD and various other formats. You can run this powerful retrieval software on all Mac OS versions such as Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Some most common factors responsible for a loss of pictures:

  • Interruptions while transferring photos from memory card to computer or vice versa might corrupt the device thereby making the pictures unreadable leading to loss of images.
  • Improperly unplugging the storage device from a computer without making use of “Safe Remove Hardware” wizard would result in photo file loss as the stored files might become inaccessible.
  • Removing the memory card from a digital camera without turning it off is also a reason for the loss of pictures from camera memory card. But, by using this utility which also acts as digital photo recovery program you can find lost digital images just in few simple steps.
  • By mistake clicking on format button instead of eject will result in accidental formatting of memory card or external HDD connected to a computer. This process erases all the files residing inside the device causing huge loss of precious snaps.
  • There are cases where users continue to capture photographs from a digital camera when it on low battery as this could damage the stored photos and will not allow you to access it resulting in data loss.

Numerous other reasons which result in loss of pictures from storage media are malware attack, file system errors, power issues and many other. Follow some safety tips like always detach the external storage device from system using proper exit option, create backup of all valuable pictures and save them on reliable storage medium that helps you when you face any type of data loss situation, update the installed antivirus tool regularly to prevent device from virus attack, make use of strong power source to avoid unexpected switch off of the PC.

Our photo recovery tool takes away all your worries about the pictures lost because of any reason discussed above. This utility can successfully recover photos from various brands of the digital camera, for example, Pentax, Sony, Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Samsung, etc. It comes up with built-in scanning engine that does scanning of the entire storage device which helps in identifying the type of files and then with the help of unique file attributes you can rescue the deleted or lost images. The software can restore pictures from corrupt MicroSD card, SDXC, SDHC, MMC card, XD card easily in few minutes. Recovers files from all versions of Windows operating system such as Vista, XP, Windows &, Windows 8 and earlier Windows versions.

Simple steps to use photo recovery application:

Download the trial version of photo recovery software and install it on the hard disk of your Windows or Mac based system. By double-clicking the shortcut desktop icon you can launch the recovery application which initiates the process of photo file restoration. Select appropriate recovery options that you simply get while utilizing the software. Once the picture recovery process gets completed, you can view the retrieved pictures and judge the performance of the toolkit. In case you are fully satisfied with the outcomes you can buy the licensed version of the software which is available on the internet.