How to Perform Partition Recovery with the FREE Tool?

Consider a scenario, where you accidentally deleted the partition of theRecover data from failed hard drive hard drive. As a result of which, you will lose entire data from that partition. The deleted partition contains the important document of my office work. Is there any software which can recover my deleted or lost partition?

Losing partitions from hard drive or external hard drive is a drastic situation wherein users lose their essential data that are saved on those deleted or lost partition.  Partition is a part of logical memory space on the system hard drive which acts as a separate drive.  Partitioning the hard drive into different logical parts will improve the performance of the hard drive and increases the data read or write speed on the hard drive. A user can store various data in each partition with ease. However, while performing data activities on the hard drive, the partition may get deleted or lost accidentally which causes severe data loss. In such situation, you can use Partition Recovery software to recover partition with great ease.

Reasons for loss of partition from hard drive:

  • Deleting a partition by unintentional pressing of shift+ delete keys results in loss of important data.
  • Accidentally selecting a partition which has vital files instead of unnecessary partition and clicked on delete option.
  • Using unauthorized third party software like, partition or repartitioning tool, defragmentation tool or antivirus software, etc. on the hard drive.
  • Unnecessary format or reformat of the hard drive, accidentally picking up an incorrect partition for formatting will erase partition data completely.
  • Other factors like partition corruption due to partition table corruption, file system corruption, hard drive failure, damaged header, a damaged file system of partition and others can all results in inaccessibility of partitions on hard drive.

Users may lose hard drive partitions by facing different cases as mentioned above. Losing important partitions from the hard drive is a horrible situation. But, such conditions can be avoided to the great extent by being careful while accessing partition data on hard drive. However, you can recover deleted or lost partition using Partition Recovery software.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Don’t create more partitions when you need to recover data from deleted or missing partition to avoid any overwriting.
  • After formatting, don’t the drive again to create more partition.
  • Always take backup of data to avoid loss of data.

Features of Partition Recovery software:

  • Partition Recovery software is an advanced recovery technique which will accurately scan the hard drive for deleted or lost partition with utmost ease.
  • It can recover partition on a hard drive formatted with FAT32, NTFS5, NTFS, exFAT, FAT 16, the etc. file system on Windows Server 2008, 8, 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, etc.
  • This software recovers data from various hard drive interfaces such as ATA, SCSI, SATA, PATA, IDE, etc.
  • It also recovers various file from a major version of Mac operating system such as Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard.
  • This software has a “Preview” option through which you can see the recovered files from the partition.
  • Demo version is available on the internet free of cost. You can download this software to evaluate the software ability. If you are satisfied with the recovery results of the utility then get the full version of the utility to save the recovered files.

Restore NTFS Partition on Windows 8 after Deletion

NTFS (new technology file systems) is the proprietary file system developed by Microsoft for Windows computers. NTFS has several advantages over FAT file systems. They are increased reliability, distributed link tracking and high security provided for a file or folder. Therefore having NTFS partitions on latest versions of Windows systems like Windows 8 is one of the best choices.

NTFS provides reliability to restore file system properties after a system failure. It even avoids data loss by dynamically re-mapping clusters of bad sectors in the hard disk drive. Even though it is highly reliable to store data, what if you delete an NTFS partition? You will end up in losing all the data present inside NTFS partition. For example, you may mistakenly reformat an important NTFS partitioned drive in place of another NTFS partitioned drive. Reformatting an NTFS partition intentionally or unintentionally erases all the data present in it. This type of human errors results in huge loss of data from NTFS partition on Windows 8 computers.

If you have also deleted an NTFS partition on Windows 8 computer then don’t worry. You can easily restore lost data with the help of Rescue Deleted utility. This utility scans your entire hard drive to find deleted NTFS partition and restores data from it. Before going to the features of this application let’s see some of the scenarios which cause NTFS partition deletion.

During Disk related operations: Hard disk related operations on Windows 8 system is carried out using Disk Management tool. It may include creating new partitions, reformatting, file system conversion, etc. Using wrong disk management commands may cause deletion of NTFS partitions.

Windows 8 OS re-installation: Sometimes users may re-install Windows 8 OS to upgrade or to resolve some issues. While re-installing users may unknowingly delete NTFS partitions with wrong clicks.

Virus attacks: Users may also delete a NTFS partition when they cannot access data inside a NTFS partition due to severe virus infections.

In addition to above situations, there may be several reasons where users may intentionally or unintentionally delete an NTFS partition on Windows 8 computer. However, you can avoid data loss by taking regular backup of NTFS partitions. Using a reliable anti-virus program will also minimize NTFS partition deletion due to virus infections.

If you are facing data loss by NTFS partition deletion, then make use of rescue deleted partition application to recover deleted NTFS partition on windows 8 computer. This application is completely unique and better recovery app when compared to other applications. It doesn’t modify or damage your hard disk contents of Windows 8 system while performing NTFS partition recovery.

Remarkable features of Rescue deleted tool:

  • Rescue deleted software has simple GUI, by which easily recover deleted NTFS partition on Windows 8 computer without facing any confusion.
  • This software has the capability to identify more than 300 types of files and get back pictures, audio clips, movies, video clips, Word documents, PPT files, Excel sheets, etc from a deleted NTFS partition.
  • This reliable application can undo delete NTFS partition on Windows 8 after deletion within a short span of time.
  • Not only on Windows 8 OS, it also supports NTFS partition restoration on different Windows operating systems like  Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Servers 2008 and 2003.
  • In addition to recovering deleted NTFS partitions, it can retrieve deleted FAT 16 or FAT 32 formatted partitions.
  • Rescue deleted app can also be used for restoring lost data from external hard disks, pen drives, memory cards and other storage devices.
  • Use demo version of this software, if you feel it can retrieve NTFS partition on Windows 8 OS then you can buy a license key to save recovered files.

Most Useful Solution for HDD Partition Recovery

Hard drive is known as the main part of the computer as it is used to store each and every record of the user. If it’s not present on your system, there is no requirement of the computer as there is no other space to save documents of users. Some situations occur when users face data loss problem from the hard drive. Why does it happen? Are you aware of the hard drive partition loss or deletion? To increase complete performance of the system, users sometime prefer to create hard drive partitions on their computer hard drive. It is completely useful to manage the total space of the hard drive. If the procedure of disk partition gets interrupted or loss of the drive, it will be a great loss for the user. This time it is much required for its user to get the HD partition recovery software to solve data loss problem on computer hard drive.

For the partition recovery procedure, it is required to know details about the Diskpart command on your Windows computer. It is mostly used to convert, re size or delete partitions on the hard drive. Whatever procedure you follow to make your hard drive partition, the chances of data loss on the hard drive is always there. After losing all your partitions or contents of the drive partition, you must try to regain the lost drive partition using available solutions. But it is also required to follow few precautions, so that there will be the confirmation of hard drive partition recovery. Mainly it is recommended for users that they should not go for installing any new data on that same computer hard drive. If you mistakenly or unknowingly do so, chances of existing deleted file overwriting problem will arise. It can even lead to the situation of the permanent data deletion. Then will be not anymore chances of data recovery from your deleted hard drive partitions.

What are the reasons, responsible for the hard drive partition loss problem over the computer hard drive? Here you will come across the reasons which actually leads to the data loss problem due to the partial loss. MBR corruption is the reason behind data loss or the partition loss. MBR or the master boot records are usually responsible for storing all the details of any hard drive. It contains the partition details, their contents and file size on the drive. Whenever these details get corrupted then details saved on the drive will also get deleted. While trying to repartition the hard drive space if user faces any kind of mistakes or accidentally they delete the hard drive partition, then this is also a huge kind of data loss problem.  The other reason you can completely blame is the boot sector viruses. These viruses are effective a lot in case of the hard drive corruption which may delete in some cases even your drive partition including complete partition data. Utilization of the data recovery utilities work with great effort for the lost partition recovery. While going through this link you will come to know about the fact, that it does not matter at all with the Widows operating system editions for example Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista. Most challenging Windows 8 partition recovery can be done with this file recovery utility.

You are already aware of the most challenging features of the software. Best Partition Recovery software has been designed for the user to resolve every kind of data loss problem due to partition deletion. It is renowned for its less time consuming features. Whenever you want to regain your lost partition data, it will be within your access. Bad sector data recovery can be done with this utility without any further data loss problem from your hard drive partitions. You can avail the free trial edition of the utility from the mentioned link. You just need to install the particular on your system and perform hard drive recovery on your system.