How to save Windows Store apps to external storage in Windows 10?

Windows_StoreWindows is the operating system generated by Microsoft corporate. It is used mostly by the people throughout the world. There are many versions of Windows operation system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc. Among all these versions Windows 10 is the latest version and this version of Windows is made in such a way that is can be applicable for mobiles, tabs, laptops and desktop also. Windows 10 has some advanced features when compared to other versions of Windows such as fast performance, effective interface, associated with universal apps, etc.

When you install more applications from Windows store apps in the system and the memory may exceed its storage limit. In such situation have to options one is to uninstall and delete the applications and other is to store those applications in any external storing device. Everyone will prefer to choose second option because no one wants to delete the applications since those applications will be useful and necessary to the user.

Now lets us study about how to save Windows Store apps to external storage in Windows 10?

Switch on the computer and connect the external storage device to it. Now go to Start and click Settings, in Settings go to System and there select Storage. By doing this, you can see the list of all the connected storage devices to your computer. Under Save location will see drop down menu under “New apps will save to” then you click that menu and select the external storage drive you want to save the applications. Now you click the “Apply” option which is displayed over it and after clicking you are done with this task.

If you try to transfer applications when the external storage device is not connected properly to the system then the applications will be saved back to the internal memory card for the safety of the applications. In this situation you need to reconnect the external storage device and do the procedure which is mentioned above.

Find an Easy Way to Recover PST File

I am working on Windows system at my home. Outlook 2007 is installed on my system. While upgrading the previous version to Outlook 2010, certain error happens. As a result all saved PST files get lost and become unreachable. I want all my PST files back as soon as possible. I tried with inbox tool but failed to restore such data. Can anyone suggest how to recover deleted or lost PST files using third party tool?

If you are searching for third party tool to recover PST files in pitch perfect way then just make use Outlook Recovery tool. This application is easy to use so that non technical can even recover files with great ease. You are capable in recovering different attributes of Outlook application such as emails, calendars, note book, organizers, journals, etc. This utility can be installed and used on all versions of Windows operating system. You can recover files from in safe and secure way such that recovered files can’t be further corrupted due to virus or malware programs. The users can purchase this application online and enjoy the features of this effective software.

Scenarios for data loss of PST files

Improper Installation of Application: Sometimes Outlook application is not installed properly as a result of which PST files created through this application get corrupted and you are not able to access such files.

Errors while Compaction of PST file: In order to reduce the space utilization of PST file on hard disk sometimes you may compact the PST file of Outlook, during compaction if any error occurs and the compaction process gets interrupted then PST file gets corrupted, if it gets corrupt you will lose the access to all the attributes of Outlook.

Virus Attack: Harmful computer viruses will infect entire data that comes in its vicinity. If it infects the PST file then it will get corrupt, after which you will not be able to access any attributes of Outlook.

Other Factors: Besides of these, there are many other reasons like over sizing of PST file, improper termination of Outlook, by Sharing of PST file on unsecured network etc.

You can use this software to overcome above mentioned scenarios within few simple steps. This software is user friendly since non technical user can ever repair corrupted PST files in perfect way.

Outstanding features of PST recovery application

  • It is effective recovery software that has the ability to recover PST file without any issues.
  • After recovery of PST file you can easily access email messages and all other attributes of Outlook.
  • You can run this application on all new versions of Windows operating system.
  • It’s a safest application that will not modify the PST file instead it will generate a new PST file, in which all the contents of PST file will be saved.
  • Using this software it is possible to recover PST files that cannot be recovered with the help of inbox tool of Outlook.
  • Check this page to know more about the scenarios and features of this recovery tool.

How to Restore Files on Mac OS X?

MAC OS X Data Recovery is one of the proficient, reliable and powerful software that permit user to recover any type of files that are deleted from Mac OS X due to any of the reasons. Due to its advance scanning algorithm, this software is always in demand for industrial experts and professionals. Sometimes user want to recover only selected files from drive on their Mac OS X system. In this case, this trusted software is preferred to recover selected Mac OS X files. Mac OS X Data Recovery software permits sorting of recoverable files according to their name, creation time, file type and size.

Some of the reasons which are responsible for data recovery in Mac OS X system are as follows:

  • Accidental Deletion: Sometimes user wants to free some memory space on Mac OS X system hard drive. For this user have to delete some of the useless files from the file system, but, by mistakenly sometimes user delete some important files using combination key like command delete which surpass file over trash folder which ends up with file recovery in Mac OS X system.
  • Accidental Format: Formatting of any drive clears each of the file details from the file system from respective drives within a quick span of time. So, if somehow user performs any accidental formatting to any specific drive then they have to suffer from severe and disastrous data loss.
  • File System Corruption: File systems are responsible for managing each of the file activities on any hard drive. So, if somehow file system gets corrupted then automatically all the associated files become inaccessible to users. To eradicate such kind of problem user need to install a reliable recovery tool for recovering data from hard drive on Mac OS X.
  • Abrupt Shutdown: While users are working with any file and due to some reasons like power surge, hardware conflicts, software issues, and so on, if system gets shutdown abruptly then it may cause data corruption and can cause inaccessibility of data.
  • Other Reasons: Apart from above mentioned issues there are some other reasons also responsible for data deletion. Some of the reasons are journal corruption, software conflicts, improper closing of files, power surge, and so on.

Before applying any kind of recovery process we must take care of some of precautionary measures. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Immediately avoid using drive where data losses occur. This must be done because of the fact that the newly stored data can get overwritten in place of deleted file and if this happens then there is less chance to retrieve back the original file.
  • Avoid formatting or re-formatting of hard disk drive after data loss.

Some of the outstanding features of Mac OS X Data Recovery software are as follows:

  • Mac OS X Data Recovery has user friendly graphical user interface which can enable anyone to use data recovery process without having enough knowledge of computer.
  • It can be used on different file systems like HFS+,HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 and ExtFAT64.
  • Mac OS Data Recovery can also support different Mac OS versions like Mavericks, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion etc.
  • It also allows user to preview recovered files before restoring them back at any specific location.
  • It permits its user to compress recovered data in order to save disk space.

Some of the file formats that can be easily gets recovered by use of MAC OS X Data Recovery are  M4A, PPT, DOC, AMR, PDD, XLS,EXE, MIDI, WAV, JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PSD, AVI, AIF, RAW, RA, 3GP, MOV,MPG, MPEG4, MP4, TIFF, RM, SR2, CRW and many more.

Smart way to get back deleted files

Have you lost or deleted any important files from your system looking for a tool to get back those files? If you are yes, then here emerges an elegant file recovery application to retrieve all deleted or lost files with ease. This application is helpful to recover the files of different types like video files, music files, documents and pictures. You can draw on this tool on Windows systems as well as on any external data storage devices. This application facilitates you to perform the recuperation under the following reasons.

Possible ways which tend to data loss:  –

  • Deletion using “Shift + Delete” keys: – You may delete the files thinking to remove them permanently, who knows the future, suppose the deleted files are needed enough in the future, then you will suffer from data loss. Then there is only one way to regain those deleted files using the eminent recovery app, thus this tool can perform the  best recovery of files.
  • Accidental human activities: – Let’s assume that you would like to remove some unwanted files from a folder, but in a hurry you may select the complete files in which yet needed files are residing, then you might delete the files. In other hand you may select incorrect files to wipe out. This kind of human mistakes could cause you to suffer from data loss.
  • Virus infection: – All users are aware of this reason, when the virus is affected to the files all files will be lost bearing inaccessibility. In some cases, the antivirus tool used to scan for the virus infected files may delete the files and root to data loss.

There may be any other reason for your data loss. The important files even might be lost from external data storage devices. No matter what is the reason for data loss. Simply exploit this recovery application, it is developed and planned by the recovery professionals with the help of rescue algorithms. This application can be used to recover files from Recycle Bin. Suppose the files are deleted or lost from any outdoor storage drives, then use this recovery app to perform the recovery process with ease on Windows computers.

This Windows file recovery application gets back the files from inaccessible drives too, if you have lost your files from Mac OS X, then use its Mac version to recover the deleted files from Mac systems too. You can get back files from SD card using this app on Windows or Mac OS. It supports the recovery of partitions or Mac volumes of different file formats like FAT 32, FAT 64, NTFS, HFS+ and HFSX.  Around 300 types of files can be brought back with the help of this tool.

This software is capable to accomplish Windows 8 deleted file recovery. This tool provides the demo version for user trial, simply download the demo version from the internet and run the demo version on selected drive from which you wish to recover data, after scanning the drive all files will be retrieved and put to your view, you can save the scan process using “Save Recovery Session” option to avoid re-scanning. In order to save the retrieved files, you have to get the complete version of this tool.

Software to Revive Files from Hard Drive

Have you deleted your files from the Hard disk? There are times when you delete some of your files from the hard disk while partitioning or repatriating your hard drive. Hard drive partitioning is done whenever you wish to create partitions on your drive. Making partitions on your physical drive means creating divisions on the hard disk.

In this whole process of hard drive partitioning; sometimes you may end up with the deletion of some of your files from the hard drive. If this happens to you, the first thing that you will look for is to catch hold of your back up .But what will you do if the back up that you had taken also fails. Then you should surely go for recover tools.Best Undelete Software is right here; make use of it to bring back all your deleted files on your hard disk.

Reasons Responsible for the Deletion of Files on the Hard Disk

Crashing of Operating System and Improper shutdown of windows:  You can get your files deleted, if you perform the abrupt handling of your PC. Also, Power surge problems on your laptop or desktop may also result in crashing of the windows operating system. This crashing of the operating system may delete some of your files stored on your PC. Random or repeated “OFF/ON” of the power on your PC can also crash an Operating System. Sudden switching off or turning off of the laptops without making use of proper methods which are available on your PC is one of the other reasons which cause OSX crashing. Usually many of you make this mistake of conducting irresponsibly or carelessly shutting down of PC which hamper the fetching of your files.

Operating System Conflicts:  Deleting of files may also occur as a result of installation of multiple operating systems on your PC. There are times when you install different operating systems on same computer, then there may arise some software conflicts among the OSx that can result in deletion of the files from the hard drive.

Formatting or Reformatting the Drive: Files stored on your computer can get deleted if you Format /Reformat the hard disk.  This Reformatting or Formatting of the hard drive may be purposeful or accidental. Purposeful formatting is done when, you intentionally format the physical drive and you want to access some data from it, in future. Accidental formatting occurs when you unknowingly select a drive while you go to format your hard disk.

Third Party Attack: Virus attacks can harm your hard disk by corrupting NTFS and FAT file systems which adversely affect your files in many ways. You can get your files /folders deleted which are present on the physical drive of your PC, if their exist some virus attacks. This third party attack on your Windows can also corrupt header file system which causes file deletion.

Features of the Software

  • Tool supports all kind of file systems of windows such as NTFS, FAT and different versions of the FAT file system. It can  also Undelete files from Mac hard drive of different versions like HFS, HFX, HFS+, file systems
  • This software is able to recover deleted files from all kinds of hard drive available in the market such as IDE, SCSI, SATA, SSD, etc
  • It supports all latest versions of Windows Operating System
  • Recuperate files deleted from the hard drive when MBR or header file gets corrupted.
  • This tool restores deleted files with original file names and data structure
  • It retrieves deleted videos files, documents files, photo files, etc. with their signatures from the hard disk of your computer. Undelete Photos is the tool which can efficiently capture your deleted photos from hard disk.

How to rescue files

People spend lot of time in creating their files which are very important for them and stores in computer or any other storage devices. They think files are very secure in hard disk. The people are lucky who have the back up of their valuable files. Many users don’t think to take back up of important files and blames themselves after losing them. There are many reasons are behind deletion of your files. Some of files get delete due to virus attack, accidental deletion, accidental formatting etc.

Now you are thinking how to get back the important files, that you have lost and not having any idea how to regain such files and getting worried of such situations. Now on wards stop worrying about such circumstances, because with the help of file recovery software you can recoup your valuable files. If you want to know how to regain deleted files visit

The files loss scenarios may vary from time to time, but here are some familiar reasons where most of the users come across such situations:

  • Accidental deletion: Sometimes there might be a chance of deletion files by unknowingly pressing shift + delete key while deleting unnecessarily files on disk.
  • Accidental formatting: when user wants to format the virus contained partition in hurry he may unintentionally format the partition which having important files results in loss of all files in that drive.
  • Bad sectors: The hard disk is divided into number of small sectors where your important files are stored. The reason behind this is to make hard disk possible to quickly find the files and to avoid complete hard disk failure in case of small disk error; in these areas of hard drive they become unusable and unreadable. Bad sectors can cause due to logical problems, corrupt boot records etc.
  • Interrupting file transfer process: At the time of transferring files from one device to another device, if the process gets interrupted due to power surge or by removing external storage device in the middle of transfer etc, then you may lose your files.
  • Power surge: The improper shut down is the very common reason for hard disk corruption. When system losses power at the middle of working on files then that file can be inaccessible or it is corrupted as a result of power variation.

The above listed reasons are some common scenarios where many users come across such situations and thinks they have lost their files permanently. Nowadays it is very easy to regain your lost files due to advanced technology. This is one such ultimate tool by using you can recoup your deleted files whatever may be the reason for deletion.

Some important tips to avoid file loss in future:

  • Regularly backup your important files and save them in other storage devices.
  • Regularly you have to scan your important files to keep free from virus threats by using legal antivirus software.
  • Do not share or allow network access to any unknown users. Your important files can be theft and modifies it, if any one on take network can access your files freely.

This software scans entire drive in few minutes to recoup your deleted files. This tool helps you to regain your lost files from formatted partitions even after re-installing Windows. You can recoup your files even when the hard drive has crashed or does not boot by using this software. By using this tool you can obtain your deleted files from Recycle Bin or by using shift + delete combination keyword, command prompt.

You can download the trial version of this software to check its capacity how it works to recoup your files. This tool gives you a preview option after regaining of files. If you are satisfied with the obtained result by using the demo version and want to save your recoup files you have to purchase the full version of this software.

Approach to recover data from USB drive

We are living in a digital world, USB drive is one of the most commonly used storage device, used for storing personal data. It store information in digital form. In the present scenario usage of removable drive increase with increase in the popularity of electronic device such as digital cameras, Mobile phones, Laptop, Computers, MP3 players and video game, iPod and many more. So many types of flash drive are available in market among which USB drive gains high popularity. They are comes with various capacities, It is very portable you can easily carry it anywhere.

What happen if your personal USB drive gets corrupted? And you lost all your special data. I know it is such an awful situation but is what really happens. Are you suffering from any such situation? Then don’t get upset we are having an appropriate solution for this common data loss problem i.e. my file recovery tool. With my file recovery tool you can recover data from USB drive within few simple steps. It recovers data with its original jest. External USB drive file recovery became very easy with the emergence of this tool.

Some most common scenarios are defined below which leads to the data loss in USB drive or form iPod

  • Accidentally formatting of USB drive will deletes entire data from it
  • Abruptly drawing of USB drive can also be a reason for data loss from USB drive
  • Connecting USB drive / iPod with already infected system may delete some of your files from it.
  • Sometime accidentally we click on delete button and delete our crucial file also cause data loss.
  • Random transfer of multiple files from USB drive to other storage device adds one more point in data loss scenario.
  • Storing corrupted file on USB or iPod can also be reason for data loss.

In addition with this there are some more scenarios which may cause data loss like

  • Sudden system shut down during file transfer
  • File system get damage due to virus attack
  • Improper ejection of device
  • Regular formatting of USB drive
  • Storing file in by using cut and paste command.

To overcome from all such data loss situation, use my file recovery software. With the introduction this USB drive recovery became very simple. This is also known as iPod file recovery software, it can easily recover your lost or deleted music files. It is having facility to preview recovered files and folder. This tool can even recover highly compressed zip file or password protected file from USB drive.

Software also contains a feature to preview recovered or save recovery session. From preview option you can have a preview of those file which you wants to recover, it helps you in recovering right file. Save recovery session which helps to avoid rescanning of the removable drive. If want to use this tool the try now demo version. Upon successful installation you can view and evaluate the results. If the results of the demo version are satisfactory then purchase its full version to save all your recovered files.