Quick way to Repair Word File

MS Word is considered as one of the most famous application to generate Word files. By using this application, users can create, edit or save Word documents. This application is available as part of Microsoft Office suit as well as a stand alone program. Some of the significant features of this application include spelling and grammar checking, embedding images, tables and charts, highly customized printing etc. It supports .doc and .docx file formats. The latest version of MS Word currently available is Microsoft Word 2015.

Sometimes, your Word files can get corrupt due to a number of reasons. Imagine you are creating an important Word file for your academic project.  You may have spent a lot of time and effort to work on that document. But, suddenly the computer got shut down, and even you have not saved your Word file. Some time later you are trying to open that particular Word file, but it is not opening. Why it is happening? It may be because of your Word file get corrupted.  It is obvious that you did not have enough time to save the file properly because of unexpected shut down of the system.

What will be your reaction in such a situation? Do you sit idle or try to find a solution to fix the file?  If you use Quick Fix Word Repair tool, it is not a difficult task to fix a corrupted Word document. It repairs Word documents having problems with texts, OLE objects, hyperlinks, million objects etc.

Factors of Word file corruption:

  • If any harmful viruses affect your saved Word files, it may damages the file completely.
  • Sometimes, while downloading MS Word files from internet, some files may not open properly and error messages such as ‘Word file is corrupted’ may display. You may need to repair those broken to get complete word file.
  • You just converted the file format of a Word file into another format, and reconverted back to its original format. In such situations there is a high chance for a Word file getting corrupted.
  • Imagine, MS Word application closed in an improper way because of a sudden shutdown. Then Word files that have been working on may be get damaged and they will not accessible.

All of the above mentioned scenarios are solvable with help of Quick Fix Word repair tool with no matter because of which reason your Word files get corrupted. This application provides a quick solution to fix Word documents easily and uses fast scanning algorithm within a few mouse clicks.

Attractive properties of Quick Fix Word Software:

  •  This application is well suited with all versions of MS Word including 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.
  •  Word files having DOC and DOCX extensions are repairable using this software. An easy to use wizard enables you to repair a corrupted Word file easily.
  •  Once the scanning process is over, you can preview the file that can be fixed.
  •  This is completely a read only application. It scans and extracts the text from damaged or corrupted Word files that refuses to open. Once a file is repaired using this application, the extracted text can be saved in a new, healthy file.
  •  This software supports Windows operating systems such as Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  •  For installation, you require only a nominal disk space.
  •  Dedicated Technical Support team is available to resolve customer’s doubts regarding this software. You can contact them 24×7 through live chatting or by submission of support ticket through company website.

Repair Corrupted OST File

OST or Offline Storage Table is one of the Microsoft Outlook file extensions. MS Outlook store as well as controls all your Outlook attributes like mailbox items, calendar, tasks, RSS, contacts, notes, documents and all other information. The OST file format allows you to work offline when you are not connected to Exchange Server. Using this facility you can access your emails and all other information from anywhere and anytime. All changes that are made in the system OST file is updated automatically when you connect your system to Exchange Server. Some situation arises when you have no internet connection i.e. you are not connected to the Exchange Server, and then this file on your system will help you to access your emails offline because an OST file is the replica of the user mailbox on the Exchange Server. But this OST file may get corrupted in various situation, some of which are user made and others are software conflicts.

The common reasons of OST file corruption are power failure, failure of data storage, network failure, sudden system shut down etc. If you store the OST files in the area of hard drive containing bad sectors, it will be easily corrupted. As a result, you cannot access any mails and all other information in that file. Your OST file may also be corrupted due to failure in the network components like hubs, routers or your internet card. Due to this error in your internet connection when you are working on your Outlook there are more chance of OST file corruption. All your Outlook information get inaccessible if your Outlook OST file get corrupted due to power failure on the system when you are accessing the OST file. All these issues can be solved easily using the OST repair tool. It is very efficient to repair those severely corrupted OST easily.

This utility is very efficient to repair the oversized OST files in all versions of Outlook. In every version of Outlook, the OST file can store a fix amount of information. As we are using Outlook every day, there are more chance to full the OST file. Then further use of the OST file will corrupt the OST file.  Then you have to repair OST file to access all information in the OST file. For that purpose, fix OST application will be an appropriate solution. Excluding this reason, OST files may also get corrupted due to frequent updating of your Outlook version. We always prefer the updated version of Outlook to get advantages of the newer version. At the time of this up gradation, if any interruption occurs, the OST file may be corrupted. This application guarantee the safety of the original OST file after storing the repaired OST in new PST file format, in other words the application produces a new PST file so that you can take a backup.

This fix OST program has some useful features in OST repair. If your OST file is corrupted due to incomplete compacting operation, you can use this advanced utility to fix corrupt OST file safely. The compression operation is very useful to store a large amount of data in a fixed size of OST file. Before Outlook 2007, the available size of the OST file was 2 GB that is very less compare to the requirement. Though in Outlook 2007 and 2010 has the OST file with 20 GB and 50 GB respectively, it also insufficient for those people who use Outlook in a large extent. Therefore, Compression of OST is much needed. Due to any interruption in this compression process the OST file will be corrupted easily. Then the only way to fix the corrupted OST file is use of the fix OST tool.

In all these repair process, you will be benefitted with some other amazing features of this application. It can repair highly encrypted and password protected OST file without hampering the contents of the OST file easily. You can employ this program to repair corrupted OST files on all versions of the MS Outlook. If you are using the latest version of Outlook and facing these type corruption situation, don’t hesitate to use this utility. It can repair the OST file completely on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010 completely. You can fix exchange 2010 mailbox every attributes on your Outlook by using this tool. it is designed with simple user interface to repair corrupted OST file without any complications on both Windows and Mac operating system. Currently, I faced some disaster of data due to OST file corruption. Then I searched for some efficient repair tool and got satisfied result after using this efficient program.

The best Repair Tool to fix all damaged files

File corruption is an unbearable situation, because your file becomes unreadable or inaccessible. Either it might be a word document, excel spreadsheets, PST file or presentation file or it might be a video file. Each of them has their own importance and is needed. But in some worst scenario they will get damaged. If in case you have the backup then you can use them to replace these damaged files, but what if you don’t have the back up?? And you cannot even throw these damaged files as they contain very crucial data and are needed badly. Don’t worry, it’s very simple? Keep reading this you will find a solution.

Whenever you create a file and save your important data in it, you will always have threat of losing or damaging them.  So, be careful while handling the files. One single mistake can result in huge data loss. There is no one single reason for this, it can happen accidentally or due to our carelessness.  Consider a scenario in which you are trying to download some files (either audio or video or any text document) online. While doing this, you may suddenly turn off your system without properly closing all the open files in urgency or due to some issues like severe power outage, urgency, power fluctuation. And the main thing is if you don’t have UPS then, these issues cause very serious problems. So, your files which are under downloading process will have got terminated abruptly. This damages your files due to improper termination or incomplete download. It can be any file like power point presentations, spreadsheets, your PST files, ZIP file, AVI files etc. all will get corrupted. These human errors lead to file damage. But, don’t worry you can efficiently fix them. Now, you will be worried how to fix damaged files? No need to regret you can easily repair them, with the help of repair software called File Repair Tool. This utility can efficiently repair your damaged files with high precision rate.

Now, you feel that only these human errors lead to file corruption. No, there are many other reasons for this file corruption. Among them some are listed below:

  • Abruptly shutting down the system while transferring the files from a USB Flash drive to the system or vice versa corrupts the file
  • Using unidentified compression technique while compressing the files causes your zip or even RAR file corrupt
  • Technical errors like bad CRC count or software breakdown while compressing the files damages your files severely
  • Due to Interruption while downloading mails from the net or your Microsoft Outlook breaks down due to some errors your PST file gets damaged
  • In some issues malware or Virus attack to the files also leads to file corruption can be any file

Whatever might be the reason behind the data loss you can easily repair your damaged files. You can even fix damaged ZIP file, RAR file, PST file, Power Point presentations, damaged PST files, audio, videos and many others which comprise around 300 types of files. This tool repairs the file and extracts the elements attached to these files like clip art, OLE objects attached, hyperlinks, animations, charts etc. and in case of PST files it extracts contacts, journals, appointments, reminders and many others. It is completely wizard based interface hence within few mouse clicks you can repair even severely corrupted files.  Also has an intuitive and easy to use feature, which requires just few inputs from the user.

To repair the damaged files just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Download the trail version of this tool and install it on your computer
  2. Launch the software, browse and set the file path that needs to be repaired
  3. Once you press “Repair” it starts scanning and extracting the file contents
  4. After the repair process is completed, you can preview  them with the help of “Preview” option
  5. If you are satisfied, you can purchase the tool and save the repaired files.