Repair Corrupted OST File

OST or Offline Storage Table is one of the Microsoft Outlook file extensions. MS Outlook store as well as controls all your Outlook attributes like mailbox items, calendar, tasks, RSS, contacts, notes, documents and all other information. The OST file format allows you to work offline when you are not connected to Exchange Server. Using this facility you can access your emails and all other information from anywhere and anytime. All changes that are made in the system OST file is updated automatically when you connect your system to Exchange Server. Some situation arises when you have no internet connection i.e. you are not connected to the Exchange Server, and then this file on your system will help you to access your emails offline because an OST file is the replica of the user mailbox on the Exchange Server. But this OST file may get corrupted in various situation, some of which are user made and others are software conflicts.

The common reasons of OST file corruption are power failure, failure of data storage, network failure, sudden system shut down etc. If you store the OST files in the area of hard drive containing bad sectors, it will be easily corrupted. As a result, you cannot access any mails and all other information in that file. Your OST file may also be corrupted due to failure in the network components like hubs, routers or your internet card. Due to this error in your internet connection when you are working on your Outlook there are more chance of OST file corruption. All your Outlook information get inaccessible if your Outlook OST file get corrupted due to power failure on the system when you are accessing the OST file. All these issues can be solved easily using the OST repair tool. It is very efficient to repair those severely corrupted OST easily.

This utility is very efficient to repair the oversized OST files in all versions of Outlook. In every version of Outlook, the OST file can store a fix amount of information. As we are using Outlook every day, there are more chance to full the OST file. Then further use of the OST file will corrupt the OST file.  Then you have to repair OST file to access all information in the OST file. For that purpose, fix OST application will be an appropriate solution. Excluding this reason, OST files may also get corrupted due to frequent updating of your Outlook version. We always prefer the updated version of Outlook to get advantages of the newer version. At the time of this up gradation, if any interruption occurs, the OST file may be corrupted. This application guarantee the safety of the original OST file after storing the repaired OST in new PST file format, in other words the application produces a new PST file so that you can take a backup.

This fix OST program has some useful features in OST repair. If your OST file is corrupted due to incomplete compacting operation, you can use this advanced utility to fix corrupt OST file safely. The compression operation is very useful to store a large amount of data in a fixed size of OST file. Before Outlook 2007, the available size of the OST file was 2 GB that is very less compare to the requirement. Though in Outlook 2007 and 2010 has the OST file with 20 GB and 50 GB respectively, it also insufficient for those people who use Outlook in a large extent. Therefore, Compression of OST is much needed. Due to any interruption in this compression process the OST file will be corrupted easily. Then the only way to fix the corrupted OST file is use of the fix OST tool.

In all these repair process, you will be benefitted with some other amazing features of this application. It can repair highly encrypted and password protected OST file without hampering the contents of the OST file easily. You can employ this program to repair corrupted OST files on all versions of the MS Outlook. If you are using the latest version of Outlook and facing these type corruption situation, don’t hesitate to use this utility. It can repair the OST file completely on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010 completely. You can fix exchange 2010 mailbox every attributes on your Outlook by using this tool. it is designed with simple user interface to repair corrupted OST file without any complications on both Windows and Mac operating system. Currently, I faced some disaster of data due to OST file corruption. Then I searched for some efficient repair tool and got satisfied result after using this efficient program.