Does Factory Data Reset Erase Everything?

The factory reset can either keep your files intact or delete them, depending on the reset option you choose. For instance, when you click on “Reset your PC” option on Windows 10, your computer will be restored to default factory configuration. However, when you choose this option you will be asked whether you want keep your personal files or not. Thus while resetting PC, still you have an option keep your old files untouched and safe. But, note that installed programs and setting present on your computer will be wiped off completely. This is done to ensure that you have a fresh system.

Similarly, Windows 8 also offers two separate options namely “Refresh your PC” and “Reset your PC”. Here, Refresh your PC option will keep all your files intact while erasing settings and uninstalling apps. On the other side, the Reset your PC option will remove everything from your computer including files and apps.


What happens at the background/rear-end when you factory reset your Windows PC?

When you reset your computer to factory settings, the following things takes place,

  • The computer boots into Windows RE(Recovery Environment)
  • Then, the Windows RE wipes and formats the available partitions just before installing new copy of Windows OS
  • Finally, the computer restarts with the new copy of Windows

So, when you opt to keep your files as it is, the same process mentioned-above is carried out. But, before moving ahead with erasing the partition, the Windows RE examines the drive for the personal files. Then the Windows RE keeps these files separately and begins to install fresh copy of Windows OS. Thus whether you prefer to preserve your files or not, completely fresh installation takes place


While performing a factory reset, you are given complete control over whether you wish you keep your files or not. Further, its recommended that you perform a factory reset only if you are finding problems due to third-party apps or malware. However, after the system restore or factory reset, if you notice that any of your files are missing, then you can use File Recovery software. The application is exclusively developed to restore lost/deleted files from your computer.

Know How to Prevent Data Entry Mistakes by Using Excels Data Validation Feature

When coming to the matter of accuracy validation of new data is quite authoritative. Therefore, for the Excel users, this process might be lengthy and complex or sometimes it may be simple. Now in this article, we will provide you a brief explanation about how to populate the validation list by using the static and dynamic lists.

Excel sheet data validation featureBasics:

Excel Data Validation feature is one of the excellent tools that allows effective options for flexibility. Now let us take an example that limits input to the static list departments.

  • First, select the input cell.
  • Now on the Data tab select Data Validation option. A single click on Data Tools group will open the Data Validation dialog.
  • Now click on the List button to display a list of options.
  • To display a static list enter the values separated by a comma in the Source control. If the list needs to be in a specific order, enter the items in that order.
  • Now click on OK button and use Data Validation control to see the static list. Selecting an item sets the control’s value.

The above process seems to be very simple. But if you need to update the list occasionally you have to search for a reasonable solution. By making the dynamic list it is not required to update the source reference. You can do this operation by two ways i.e. using a named range or using a Table.

A named range always comes with some inherent problems i.e. some are easily managed and some others not. A Table is the easiest option. If you’re using a .xlsx version, you don’t have to work hard on this simply press the skip button.

Using a named range:

To start with the dynamic range solution you have to enter the list and then name as follows:

  • First, select the list and the header.
  • Now click on the Data tab and from the Defined Names group select Create from Selection option.
  • After that accept the default and go to Top Row and then click OK.

Now you can base your list on the source as follows:

Using table source:

Firstly create the Table as described below:

  • Click anywhere inside the list and click the Insert tab. Now click Table option in the Tables group.
  • Now in the resulting table check the My Table Has Headers option and hit OK.
  • Now enter a name for the Table using the Table Name control in the Properties group.

Know about Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5Xiaomi is a Chinese privately managed electronics company. The headquarter Inc. is present in Beijing. Xiaomi is the 5th largest smart mobile phone manufacture company across the world in year of 2015. It sold more than 70.8 million smartphones which was almost five percent of all over global market share. Xiaomi Inc. manufacture, designs, and sells mobile application, smartphones, along with other electronics gadgets.

Recently Xiaomi Inc. has launched a new smartphone named as Xiaomi Mi 5. It is available in three different versions. The cheap model cost is about 305 US dollars and having 32 GB of internal storage capacity along with a 3D glass rear panel. This version has a lower clock speed compare with other two models that is 1.8 GHz, but other model having 2.15 GHz.

The second version of Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone has 64 GB of internal storage space along with 3D glass rear panel. The prize of this Xiaomi Mi 5 model is 352$. The third version of Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone that is the Pro version, it comes along with 4 GB of RAM(Random Access Memory), 3GB more comparable with the other two versions, along with a 3D ceramic back. The prize of this version is 413$.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone has a 5.15 inch screen with Full high definition resolution. This large screen offers more than enough pixels per inch, with no visual aspect to be seen anywhere on the display screen. The screen colors of of the MIUI 7 interface take on an amazing blaze. It also has fingerprints features.

The fingerprint scanner on the Xiaomi Mi 5 is set up in the home button, rather than on the back. The first setup takes just five seconds, and unlocking the device appeared smooth and fast. The Xiaomi Mi 5 comes along with the MIUI 7 interface. This interface is different from other brands like as the absence of the application drawer.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 has a Snapdragon 820 microprocessor running at 2.1 GHz. This processor is supported by 3 GB of RAM in the 32 and 64 GB version, and 4 GB of random access memory in this model along with 128 GB of internal storage. The Xiaomi Mi 5 phone supports 4G+ connectivity, along with max download speed of 600 Mbps, along with dual SIM card and VoLTE technology, which assurances better voice call and audio quality.

About Unifying Your Contacts List on Your iPad

The iPad 2 and iPad are powerful and amazing devices. In order to provide you amazing things in it we have connected some tricks and tips in this article. Now let is discuss about them in detail.

Contacts-icon-300x300Unifying your Contacts list on your iPad:

Time to time we have gotten a little sloppy when it comes to keep our contacts in order. The main thing is it’s a product of importing our contacts to our iPhone and iPad in the first place. If we start scratching simply and enter the contacts one by one, then it will take more time. Here the task is you need to save the time. After the continues study come to the conclusion that all the information of the contacts from various emails accounts that are accumulated for over the years, because there is no time to collect all the information in a single account. The result of electric mix of half backed contact is really a solution, but not while most of us want.

Unify the contacts:

From multiple sources the contacts that are saved not only create a half baked solution but can be hard to navigate, for same person the storing multiple entries will result sometimes. By displaying and linking the contacts from different sources Apple attempts to overcome the dilemma of redundant contacts as a single unified contact. With the tag Unified Contact it is further identified.

Unfortunately for the same contact, multiple entries aren’t automatically linked always. There is no need to worry because you can unify them quite easily by yourself. In one of the contact list choose Edit and Link Contact and you need to choose the other contact to which you like to link. The linked contacts are not merged actually, the unified contacts will be copied with each source account if you make any changes to its information wherever they may reside.

One note should be made about linking the contacts that don’t share a common last or first name – the names that are available on the individual cards will not get changed, but the name should be chosen that appears on the unified card. Tap on the Edit, and with the name you prefer tab the linked card, and then tap on Use This Name For Unified Card.

How to Upgrade SSD in MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

Even though Mac users are not storing much of video files and images on their MacBook Pro hard drive, it will quickly get filled up with many other files. Therefore, replacing the SSD drive in the MacBook Pro notebook with retina display is an alternative solution for this problem. Here is how to replace SSD drive in your MacBook Pro hard disk drive.


For this, you must have a 15-inch 2013 MacBook Pro with retina display that has 256 GB of storage space. Then, purchase a 250 GB or more capacity of SSD drive and Envoy Pro upgrade kit, which costs US$ 288. This kit includes not only the SSD drive, but also all necessary screw drives to open up the MacBook Pro. It also includes enclosure, so that you can turn off your older SSD and make it as portable drive.

Follow below mentioned steps one by one to upgrade SSD in your MacBook Pro with retina display:

Step 1: back up your MacBook Pro hard drive data: If anything goes wrong while upgrading SSD in your MacBook Pro, you may lose all your data that are stored in your MacBook hard disk. So, firstly you have to backup all your precious files on some storage media.

Step 2: Unscrew bottom cover of your MacBook Pro with Retina Display: Totally, there will be 10 screws and they are all of same size. Be careful that you won’t lose any of the screws, so it is better to hold them in a little box until you need them.


Step 3: Remove the screw holding SSD in place: For this, you need to use the second screwdriver that came in the toolkit.


Step 4: Next, you have to remove the SSD gently


Step 5: Then, insert the new SSD into your MacBook Pro and screw it into a right place.


Step 6: Here, you need to replace the bottom cover of MacBook Pro and then replace all the screws.


Step 7: As next step, you have to open the external drive enclosure, then insert your old SSD, and screw it into place. This is very crucial for restoring all your files.


Step 8: Then, switch on your MacBook Pro and hold down command + R key that is the initial step for internet recovery process.


Step 9: Then, connect to a Wi-Fi network and carefully follow the prompts in order to restore your Mac’s operating system. First, you have to use Disk utility to format your new drive.


Step 10: Now, you can either restore your Mac OS from a Time Machine backup or you can reinstall the Mac OS X.


Step 11: Connect OWC external drive to your MacBook Pro with the help of included USB cable

Step 12: on the Mac, you need to open Applications > utilities folder, and then launch Migration Assistant.


Step 13: Carefully follow the steps and transfer all your data from your old SSD to your MacBook.


The Darkest Corner of the Internet, Mariana’s web

Remember the first think that you heard about the dark web it was described as disgusting and morally corrupt or wicked marketplace. These places are just like the unwanted place where the children, pirated movies as well as drugs are mostly bought for smallest bitcoin. These places are totally paint or covered with the help of newspaper having pages half the size and dominated by headlines, sensational stories and photographs. It looks like a top fear place. Many security providing companies sell threat intelligence services which suggest killing for bad guys in dark dens. This security company allows hunting of bad people to deal organ harvesting, to do involuntary experiments on their body, and many more. Like many people, they also heard vivid siren song that is irresistible because of fear and unease.

The dark web’s distinctive atmosphere is all about corrupt and wicked. That is despite the fact that the dark web is main root to lot of other communities and they didn’t perform well and are not able to do anything unless you think about evil also there are huge furry about the social network in dark web that usually wants privacy.

After all these the humans organ harvesting is nothing until you move to the closest part of the web, where’s people do not want you to leave and that is called as “Mariana’s Web”. The heroes of Mariana web get its name from deep of the ocean called Mariana’s Trench. This place you can observe as a place for mysterious evil or the mythos which subset behaviors online that has cultivated.

About the darkest secrets of humanity which you may get from the history, this all depends on the place from where you get Mariana’s Web myth. When you find history there are many things which belongs to the most powerful intelligence agencies, these includes the secret archives of the Vatican, about the secret location of Atlantis and various database archives. Most people thought that Mariana is a home for all powerful female having artificial intelligence entity. The definition of Mariana web is technically impossible that’s why its definition is mysterious. It is supposed that the Mariana web is only be accessible through quantum computers- which only exist in science fiction. The clients of infosec firms who is asking for threats in Intel packages which includes to Mariana web information which is also an anecdotal.