Best Software to Repair Inbox for Windows 7

Microsoft Outlook is an email application which is made accessible from the Microsoft for emailing and managing other attributes which includes journals, contacts, appointments, RSS feeds, setting reminders, to do lists, tasks, schedule meeting, etc. Besides of just emails, Outlook also supports to take notes, categories and also have tasks scheduled for the future. It also supports you to create a specific folder so that emails sent from you directly go into the folders without going to the Inbox folder. You can customize rules in such a way that a mail received from a particular people go into the specific folder. This makes you to access the emails easier without having a search it in the inbox folder. This application is extremely useful concerning with being touch in contacts and managing daily work in an efficient way. Any information you used on your Outlook is been kept in a single file referred as PST file. You may come across the situation of losing your important files from these PST as it gets corrupted by various reasons. The loss of files from PST file will be due to the reason of system errors, outlook malfunction, faulty add-ins, internal errors, Microsoft Outlook crash, improper outlook termination, etc. Virus attack will also be the reason for the corruption of PST files. To elaborate this scenario let us consider one of the situation like you are using Microsoft Outlook as an email client on your personal computer to save all the emails and other Outlook attributes. You received a mail from one of your client and found that you are unable to open on MS Outlook on your system and encountered with some of the miserable errors while trying to open it. This is mainly because of the corruption of the PST file which got damaged due to the virus. Emails are the most common way of transferring harmful viruses. When you got email from your client these viruses transferred to your Microsoft Outlook and has corrupted files present on it. If this is the situation then no need to worry as you can recover corrupted PST file by using the repair software. It fix outlook and repair the damaged files from Microsoft Outlook. Some of the other reasons for loss of data from Outlook are mentioned below. Some of the common scenarios for data loss from Outlook

  • Outlook not closed properly: When you are working on your Microsoft Outlook if your system shut down suddenly due to the operating system malfunction, files system corruption, etc by closing the running application of Outlook abruptly then it will lead in corruption of PST file resulting in data loss.
  • System error: If your system in encountered with any type of errors then the PST files saved on the system hard disk will become inaccessibility resulting in data loss.
  • Over sized PST: PST file consists of the different size limits on various versions of Microsoft Outlook. If the size of the PST file exceeds this limit then the PST file will become inaccessible as Outlook requires more resources to store new data.

Hence you will be losing your data from Microsoft Outlook by the above mentioned scenarios or many others. If this is the case then don’t worry because you can able to restore your corrupted files by using the best repair toolkit. If your Outlook inbox file gets corrupted on Microsoft Windows 7 version then you can use inbox repair software for windows 7 that supports effectively to repair all the corrupted files. Some of the other features of the Microsoft Outlook are mentioned below.  Advanced features of this utility

  • This software is qualifies to repair corrupted PST file due to sharing over network, damaged PST file corruption.
  • This utility creates a new PST file in a format compatible with Outlook versions of Windows 2003, 2007, 2000, 2010, etc.
  • This software has the advanced built in algorithm that scans the header of the PST file. Once the scanning process is processed it repair each bit of damaged PST file and generates a new repaired PST file on your system hard drive.
  • If you Outlook files gets corrupted then you can use inbox repair software to repair your corrupted files from Outlook

Hence this is the best repair toolkit that supports you to the entire corrupted PST file. You can certainly download the free demo version of this utility and evaluate the results. If you are satisfied with demo result you can purchase this software in order to save those results permanently.