AVI Video File Repair Software for Mac – Free Download

AVI is a video file format which supported by the various digital media player on Mac operating system. It behaves as a file container which consists of streams of audio and video. A codec algorithm is used to encode or compress files when you save the file in the desired location of your computer.
image1But, sometimes these files are unable to play on media player Mac OS. At this time you may think that file becomes corrupted which in turn leads to file becomes inaccessible or unreadable. Now, in this situation, you may be worrying about and the first question arises in your mind how to repair AVI file on Mac OS X. Be. Relax! You can take help of Repair AVI Mac software to perform repairing task of corrupted or damaged AVI file. This is a highly recommended tool which is specially designed and developed to repair AVI repair on Mac OS without any hassle.Common causes due to which AVI file may get corrupted:

Incomplete Download: An abrupt interruption occurs due to sudden shutdown system during downloading of the video file from the internet and sometimes interruption occurs due to network failure as a result of this file may get corrupted.

File System Corruption: If your file system gets corrupted due to various reasons such as malware infection or any other reason can lead to corruption of AVI file. File system contains essential information related to files such as file name, file location, type, extension, etc.

File Conversion: If you are using an unsecured conversion tool to converting the video file format from one to other i.e. AVI to MP4 as their huge chance of file system corruption.

Other Reasons: The other possible reasons for AVI file corruption include application error, CRC error, header corruption due to unknown error or hardware malfunction, etc.

If you want to fix corrupted or damaged AVI file then you have an option for a suitable tool like Repair AVI Mac to fix damaged or corrupted AVI file format and to make it playable again. It is also capable for repairing damaged or corrupted AVI video file with proper codecs on various platforms of Windows and Mac OS.

Features of Repair AVI Mac Software:

Repair AVI Mac is the reliable tool to repair corrupted or damaged AVI files with utmost ease. It has the ability to repairs damaged or corrupted AVI files on various platforms of Mac OS x such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Lion Mountain, etc. You can fix various types of video files which stored on various storage devices like hard drives, USB pen drives, memory cards, memory stick, etc. It is also capable of repairing various types of video files such as MP4, MPG, DIVX, XviD, etc. With the help of this application, you can repair different kinds of videos or photos files on various digital camera brands like Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Canon, Sony, etc. You can preview the repaired AVI file and recovered file before saving in the desired location.

Methods to repair damaged video file

Are you unable to play video files on your Quick time player? Just because they are damaged or broken if that’s the case, then don’t worry as this occur frequently so go through the below piece of writing to get all your answers related to video repair.

In the digital world of recording and editing video files there are many different file formats used to create the important videos. This consists of a wide range of video file extensions, which use different codecs and compress the video data. The most widely used video file formats are .MPG, .MOV, .WMV, .AVI, .MP4 etc. Most of the people use digital cameras and camcorders to take videos and store the files in different video file formats.

The QuickTime player is a reliable tool created and marketed by Apple Inc. that is commonly preferred by videographers since they provide good utility for editing and storing their videos. It supports common video file formats used in various digital camcorders like .MOV or .MP4. MP4 file extension is popularly used video file format and this is supported by different electronic devices like cameras, camcorders, PSP, cell phones, iPod, Apple devices etc.

However, it is sometimes unfortunate to see that the MP4 video file gets damaged you may come across some of the errors saying that the .MP4 file extension is not available. Apple Quick Time player refuses to play or edit a video file if it’s in corrupted state and separates you with all your collection of video clips, movies etc.

Suppose you’re professional videographer and visited to shoot videos by making use of your DSLR camera in an event of someone’s marriage which was your first video shoot. In order to give the video files to the client you connected the digital camera through USB port and transferred your entire recorded videos to your Mac computer and started editing the recorded video file. Suddenly your Mac machine got stuck as a result of virus attack the stored video files were infected and were not able to reopen because the .MP4 files were damaged .This must be the most horrible situation in you since these videos are one time moments for someone’s life which are lost now. So you must be in hurry to repair the damaged files anyhow and give it to the client.

But, there is no need to get annoyed, as it is very easy to repair damaged video files by using effective repair tools that are easily available in the market at affordable costs.

There are several situations where you may face some more data loss scenarios due to corruption.

Common data loss scenarios:

• The Videos get damaged due to abrupt removal of the data cable of your camcorder from the computer while transferring the video files and this lead to data loss.

• If you switch off your Digital camera during read/write process when connected to computer, may damage the video files stored on it.

• If the external storage devices like USB memory stick, memory card etc which are used for storing a video file malfunctions, this results in damage to your video files.

• The corruption of catalog file damages the file header of your MOV video file, thus making it unplayable on any sort of video file player.

• MP4 Video files may also get corrupted using bad ZIP archive during the compression process.

• Opening videos file by unsupportable player then the file header of your video file gets damaged.

• Improper plugging of data storage device might lead to corruption of video clips stored in it.

• Using faulty camcorder with a firmware to record videos and photographs, result in corruption of your video file.

There are some specific reasons which you may come across and lose your data. As soon as you face any of the data loss scenario stop using your storage device for adding new data in case if you add new data then the existing data will be overwritten and you’ll lose the data forever.

For the instance if you need your damaged video file to be fixed then you need to use Video repair software. It is an ideal solution to repair video files that are corrupted or damaged due to any of the reasons. The software has in built algorithm that helps to repair video files from memory cards, iPods, USB drives, etc.

This tool enables you to fix video Mac MOV file which gets corrupted due to corruption of catalog file on Mac systems. It is designed to repair unplayable video file formats on Quick Time player. This software helps to repair videos of any size and also highly encrypted files are repaired. It is an effective repair tool that can take the corrupt or damaged video file and converts it into two data streams, i.e. video and audio streams. The repair software successfully repairs both the data streams and adjoins these to make an appropriate playable video file. This software works on Mac OS X, 10.5.8 and above versions of Apple Mac computer including Leopard, Snow Leopard and latest version Lion OS to repair the errors in video clips. The application also repairs broken or damaged video file as soon as your computer reboots suddenly during storing or transferring files by making use of automated process. The application can be used easily at your fingertips without any professional expert.

Try the trial version of the repair software and install it on hard disk of your computer and launch the application. Now click on “Open” to choose the desired video file which you want to repair and then select “Repair” button to proceed. When you’re done with the repair process you can check the repair results and in case if you are happy with the results you can opt for its full version.