How to repair word Doc/Docx file

MS Word is one of the prominent tool developed by Microsoft. This application is generally utilized for creating word documents. It will help a user to make text file more effectively by using bulleting, numbering, fonts, support in a number of languages, add images to Word document by utilizing Clip art etc. Even though, the boost in the application of internet, document corruption causing scenarios also increased. Many reasons exist, as a result of which user may lose their important Word documents.

Word document corruption problem has become very common with the current economic scenario. Sometimes an image is missing from the docx file, a little while file itself became inaccessible. Like this, there are numerous situations, which users are facing daily. The true reason for such strange situations is damaged word doc or docx file. If you have encountered such strange situation then don’t think much, only use corrupt word file repair tool that’s specifically developed by industry experts to fix damaged/corrupted documents.

It scans entire Word doc file and recovers data within a few mouse clicks. Applying this tool, it is possible to repair corrupted document effortlessly. In case you are aware of the reason for corruption, which could become easy for you to select an appropriate solution. Let us look at some corruption causing scenarios:

  • Round-tripping: – When user really wants to look at the file in various file formats and alter the docx file to a different format and again put it back in its original format, then because of this repeated round tripping, Word doc file will get corrupt.
  • Viruses attack: – Virus attack on Word file is the second reason for file corruption. This situation occurs when the user uses a macro function inside their Word file. Macro virus damage Word doc file to cause a large amount of data loss.
  • Improper shutdown: an Abrupt shutdown of a system due to sudden power failure may possibly also damage word file. Sometimes users close Word application directly without saving file. Improper termination of Word application can be another scenario for Word file corruption.

Anyway, if you encountered such difficulties, there is no need to think how to repair word doc file because the repair word file software is available. To overcome all these corruption causing problems, take advantage of this Repair Word file application to fix corrupt /damage doc file. This application supports all of the versions of Windows like Windows XP, 7, Vista, and Window Server 2003/2008.

Prevention is definitely superior to cure so that it is going to be useful to you in the event you follow some precautions. Some precautions are defined below:

  • Use a reliable source of power to prevent sudden power shut down. For avoiding fluctuation in voltage, use a voltage regulator.
  • Install antivirus tool on your PC/laptop to counteract it from virus or malware attack via the internet.
  • Don’t share your Word files on unsecured networks.
  • Before connecting any external device to the system, scan it first.

Follow each one of these precautions; they are going to definitely keep you from corruption causing scenarios. Beside this, there are other data loss scenarios, which occur suddenly and corrupt your word file. To check the possibility of corrupted Word file repair, download trial version of the software. It is rather simple to operate. Software manual is extremely user interactive also it narrates you in using the software. This software contains “preview “option, by which you’ll manage to preview your repaired Word file before saving it. If you have pleased with the outcomes from the trial version, download its complete version to save your repaired word file to the desired location.

Quick way to Repair Word File

MS Word is considered as one of the most famous application to generate Word files. By using this application, users can create, edit or save Word documents. This application is available as part of Microsoft Office suit as well as a stand alone program. Some of the significant features of this application include spelling and grammar checking, embedding images, tables and charts, highly customized printing etc. It supports .doc and .docx file formats. The latest version of MS Word currently available is Microsoft Word 2015.

Sometimes, your Word files can get corrupt due to a number of reasons. Imagine you are creating an important Word file for your academic project.  You may have spent a lot of time and effort to work on that document. But, suddenly the computer got shut down, and even you have not saved your Word file. Some time later you are trying to open that particular Word file, but it is not opening. Why it is happening? It may be because of your Word file get corrupted.  It is obvious that you did not have enough time to save the file properly because of unexpected shut down of the system.

What will be your reaction in such a situation? Do you sit idle or try to find a solution to fix the file?  If you use Quick Fix Word Repair tool, it is not a difficult task to fix a corrupted Word document. It repairs Word documents having problems with texts, OLE objects, hyperlinks, million objects etc.

Factors of Word file corruption:

  • If any harmful viruses affect your saved Word files, it may damages the file completely.
  • Sometimes, while downloading MS Word files from internet, some files may not open properly and error messages such as ‘Word file is corrupted’ may display. You may need to repair those broken to get complete word file.
  • You just converted the file format of a Word file into another format, and reconverted back to its original format. In such situations there is a high chance for a Word file getting corrupted.
  • Imagine, MS Word application closed in an improper way because of a sudden shutdown. Then Word files that have been working on may be get damaged and they will not accessible.

All of the above mentioned scenarios are solvable with help of Quick Fix Word repair tool with no matter because of which reason your Word files get corrupted. This application provides a quick solution to fix Word documents easily and uses fast scanning algorithm within a few mouse clicks.

Attractive properties of Quick Fix Word Software:

  •  This application is well suited with all versions of MS Word including 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.
  •  Word files having DOC and DOCX extensions are repairable using this software. An easy to use wizard enables you to repair a corrupted Word file easily.
  •  Once the scanning process is over, you can preview the file that can be fixed.
  •  This is completely a read only application. It scans and extracts the text from damaged or corrupted Word files that refuses to open. Once a file is repaired using this application, the extracted text can be saved in a new, healthy file.
  •  This software supports Windows operating systems such as Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  •  For installation, you require only a nominal disk space.
  •  Dedicated Technical Support team is available to resolve customer’s doubts regarding this software. You can contact them 24×7 through live chatting or by submission of support ticket through company website.

Word File Not Opening!! Then Repair It Here

Currently it’s become familiar to use the Word file application to create our business records, articles etc. So this is a sophisticated platform for Windows computers. But sometimes these Word files could be get corrupted or damaged due to some unforeseen reasons. In some situations when you try to open Word file it may show an error message indicting that the Word document cannot open or it is severely damaged. If you are also presently facing such problems then no need to get upset. Generally the Word files turn up error message when they get corrupted. So here is a finest technique to repair such damaged or corrupt Word documents. By making use of MS Word repair software you can effortlessly revamp Word file not opening.

Common reasons of Word file corruption:

  • Software malfunctions: Some installed software malfunction might corrupt the Word files. For e.g. consider antivirus program, this program while scanning for virus could damage the contaminated files. In this state if any Word files are scanned by this tool, then there is option of corruption of the Word documents.
  • Sudden activities: Unexpected system shutdown or sudden system reboot while functioning with the Word files may possibly corrupt them relentlessly. Once the Word files corrupted then you can’t access them without fixing the errors.
  • Macro Viruses: When your computer systems infected by any dangerous macro virus then it may possibly damage the stored Word files relentlessly and then makes them inaccessible, therefore the macro virus might escort you to finish up with data loss.

So before going to fix the Word files, let’s focus on few steps to avoid such data Word file corruption issues and data loss scenarios, it’s recommended to keep up the back up of valuable Word files in any external data storage devices like USB drive, USB flash drive, portable drive etc. It is  better to use genuine anti-virus program to keep away from virus attacks. Now you can go on to make out the repair process, by making use of this sophisticated tool you can effortlessly repair the corrupt, damaged, inaccessible Word files. This application can mend the Word files of different versions like Word 2000 to 2010.

All types of doc and docx files can be repaired after scanning the damaged files using this app’s powerful scan engine. This tool supports issues repair of all kinds of doc and docx files on all Windows OS, so that you can make use of it on all your Windows computers having any OS. This tool basically fixes the corrupted Word files and then reloads its contents. This app  provides the immediate preview of all fixed files, if you require evaluating its results you can also download the trial edition of this tool.