How to Retrieve Data from Partition on Windows

A hard drive is an internal storage device on the system that can store huge amount of data. A hard drive can store nearly 2TB of information as it supports that space for storing. This hard drive could be divided into multiple logical partitions that will help to store data on the hard drive easily and effectively. The hard disk is loaded with any version of Windows after partition into many sections. You can store many files and folders in Windows are stored on major partitions. Sometimes you end up with losing important files after partitioning the hard drive due to the corruption. This will likely happen as a result of bad sectors, improper power source, file system corruption, virus intrusion, etc.

Let see one of the scenarios associated with loss of data because of bad sectors. Usually, bad sectors on the hard drive are caused resulting from improper power surge which creates bad sectors on the disk drive. So it results in corruption of disk drive partition and all system files on the operating-system become inaccessible. And also the files stored for the particular partition will be unable to access to resulting to huge loss of data. In each these situations, you can make aid of partition recovery software on Windows-based which definitely retrieve partition data on Windows effectively in very less span of time.

Some of the other reasons for data loss scenarios are mentioned below

  • Loss of data due to partition table corruption: Partition table is the vital data structure containing information on the partitions like the total number of sectors, start and end value of sectors, sector size, etc on the system drive. If the table gets corrupted then your partition is not located or accessed.

• Using third partitioning tool: There is various third partitioning tool on today’s market make it easier to format, reformat, repartition process on hard drive partitions. If you are using it with no the proper backup then the essential files that will results in loss partition from your system and helps to make the data inaccessible resulting in huge loss of data.

• MBR corruption: Loss of files while converting file system from NTFS to FAT files system can take place because of Master boot record corruption. This MBR corruption ends in an unrecognized operating system. If MBR gets corrupted then partition within the disk drive becomes unbootable which leads to inaccessibility of partition, therefore, the data stored on the partition is lost.

Partition Recovery software is the most beneficial recommended software by many industry experts, which is used to recoup lost partition and produce its data accessible which could restore files from partitions that were deleted as a result of partitioning errors. This software will also support to extract data on Windows 8, XP, Vista, 2003, 7, etc with ease.

A few of the popular features of this software

  • This software supports the recovery of files of file types such as documents, spreadsheets, animations, audio, video and image
  • This software lets you create disk images bypassing the bad sectors on the hard drive partition to be able to retrieve files which consist of help.
  • Files recovered can be seen in the hierarchical form using “Data Type View” and according to File signature using “File Type View” features.
  • This software proficiently restores corrupt and lost data from hard drives of several types like SATA, IDE, PATA, ATA, SCSI along with storage devices like flash memory drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc.

Partition recovery tool will be the most useful recovery software which has the ability to recover lost or deleted data from disk drive partition and also it can restore files lost from different storage devices.