Best Software that Repairs AVI Videos

AVI which stands for Audio Video Interleave is nothing a type of video file format. It is similar to other popular video file formats, but comparatively rich in several features, for instance, it gives a better picture and at the same time good sound clarity. Moreover, it occupies very less space on a storage device. This video file format was developed and launched by Microsoft Corporation in the year 1992. Today it is one of the most widely used video formats, by default even mobile phones play an AVI video file.

All these are the positive attributes of an AVI file; however, there are some negative attributes as well among which corruption of AVI file is a most noted one. Yes, AVI files often get corrupt, once they corrupted you will not be able to play them. Well, there are many reasons behind the corruption of an AVI file, but now you don’t have to get worried. There exists an application, which called as file repair tool. With the help of this repair application, you could easily repair AVI files that have been corrupted or damaged. After having repaired, you can play the video file without any hassle. File repair tool is a most trusted software and moreover, its read-only app, which will just scan the corrupted AVI file by using advanced internal scanning engine, after scanning it creates a similar but healthy file. It has been developed by a team of highly dedicated and well-qualified software developers. Furthermore, to provide technical assistance for costumes, there exists a tech support team. Hence, if you feel any complexity while using the software then you can contact them at any time.

How AVI files get corrupted?

  • Virus Infection: Harmful viruses such as Malware, Spyware, Adware, etc, are very suspicious programs. They never leave any file, once they enter into any storage media. When you save an AVI file on a virus infected storage device, then it will corrupt that video.
  • Header Corruption: Header is an important part of every computer file, even for an AVI file it is important. It maintains all the essential details of that particular file. As a result of any known or unknown reason, it gets corrupted, then the video will refuse to play.
  • Downloading Errors: Assume that you are downloading an AVI video clip from a web, meanwhile at the time of downloading if some unexpected error takes place then downloaded video clip will get corrupted.
  • Round Tripping: If you change the extension of an AVI file to some other unsupported format and bring back to its original format, and if this conversion process is often carried out then that video will get corrupted.   
  • Crashing of Media Player: While viewing the video on media player application, if it suddenly the application crashes then that particular video which was running will get corrupted.

Other than these, there are few more reasons on an account which video will get corrupted. But, there’s nothing to worry, as file repair application can easily troubleshoot the issue in few minutes.

Striking Features of File Repair App:

It’s a most effective and fastest repair application, which will resolve the corruption issues in a very short time frame. It is easily compatible to fix AVI videos on all available versions of Windows OS including  Windows 10, Windows 8, Win Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003. The software can also be installed on all Mac OS versions including  Sierra, El Capitan, Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. It has a simple user interface and by gives step by step directions with screenshots that make it an easy task for repairing AVI video files after corruption. In addition to AVI video, the tool can other video file formats like DivX, XVID, etc.The software is quite safe and secure from all kinds of harmful elements such as vindictive programs and viruses. It can repair the video clips on all secondary storage devices including pen drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory sticks, etc. It’s a renowned repair application which consistently remained an award-winning utility from past several years. Prior to purchase, you can use the demo version of this application to repair AVI files, if you get satisfied with its performance then you can easily save repaired AVI videos and play them.

Tool to Repair Corrupted Word (doc, docx) Documents

wordMS office Suit is a collection of utilities like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Publisher, etc. All these apps are having unique features and their own file extensions. MS Word saves files in .docx and .doc file extension. The older version of MS Word like 97-2003, then it saves files in .doc format. All the latest versions (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) of MS Word saves file in .docx format. This MS Word program is commonly used for generating documents, letters, articles, resumes, etc. This docx file contains a number of useful functions such as text formatting, page layout, Align, spell and grammar check, Style, hyperlink, etc. This tool is used by people across the globe for their personal and professional purpose.

Sometimes, people face some issue with their docx files. When they try to open Word file, then it will deny or sometime the information saved in it does not appear correctly. If any one of you are facing such issue with your docx files and also want to fix docx file, then read this post because here I am describing an advanced method by which you can easily repair Word file. In order to fix Word file issue there is no manual way. You need to make the use of third party app for repairing such docx file problems.

Most common causes which lead to docx file corruption:

Incorrect Handling: Making the use of docx file in wrong way such as closing the Word app suddenly when processing with docx file can lead to docx file corruption.

Virus Attack: Viruses are the small computer program which specially designed for deleting or damaging the information store in the system hard drive. If these viruses enter into the system, then there is chance of docx file corruption.

Abrupt System Shutdown: During working with docx file if computer shutdown improperly, then there is a chance of docx file corruption.

Other Causes: Application crash, compatibility error, file header corruption, application conflicts and file system corruption, etc. can be a reason behind docx file corruption.

In order to repair docx Word file which can be damaged or corrupted in any ways as mentation above, people need to utilize Fix DOCX application. This is a read only utility which means that it does not modify the damaged docx file instant of that it simply creates a new docx file and extracts the information from old file and keep in it. Due to this feature, docx file severally corruption the chance is very low. This software allows people to repair docx file which can be generated with any versions of MS Word tool like MS Word 2007, 2003, 2000, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Once the repair process is completed, you can also take the preview of repaired docx file. Fix DOCX tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system and supports both .docx and .doc format. It is capable to repair each bit of info contained docx file such as text, formatting, OLE objects, and fields along with hyperlinks.

Best Software to Repair Inbox for Windows 7

Microsoft Outlook is an email application which is made accessible from the Microsoft for emailing and managing other attributes which includes journals, contacts, appointments, RSS feeds, setting reminders, to do lists, tasks, schedule meeting, etc. Besides of just emails, Outlook also supports to take notes, categories and also have tasks scheduled for the future. It also supports you to create a specific folder so that emails sent from you directly go into the folders without going to the Inbox folder. You can customize rules in such a way that a mail received from a particular people go into the specific folder. This makes you to access the emails easier without having a search it in the inbox folder. This application is extremely useful concerning with being touch in contacts and managing daily work in an efficient way. Any information you used on your Outlook is been kept in a single file referred as PST file. You may come across the situation of losing your important files from these PST as it gets corrupted by various reasons. The loss of files from PST file will be due to the reason of system errors, outlook malfunction, faulty add-ins, internal errors, Microsoft Outlook crash, improper outlook termination, etc. Virus attack will also be the reason for the corruption of PST files. To elaborate this scenario let us consider one of the situation like you are using Microsoft Outlook as an email client on your personal computer to save all the emails and other Outlook attributes. You received a mail from one of your client and found that you are unable to open on MS Outlook on your system and encountered with some of the miserable errors while trying to open it. This is mainly because of the corruption of the PST file which got damaged due to the virus. Emails are the most common way of transferring harmful viruses. When you got email from your client these viruses transferred to your Microsoft Outlook and has corrupted files present on it. If this is the situation then no need to worry as you can recover corrupted PST file by using the repair software. It fix outlook and repair the damaged files from Microsoft Outlook. Some of the other reasons for loss of data from Outlook are mentioned below. Some of the common scenarios for data loss from Outlook

  • Outlook not closed properly: When you are working on your Microsoft Outlook if your system shut down suddenly due to the operating system malfunction, files system corruption, etc by closing the running application of Outlook abruptly then it will lead in corruption of PST file resulting in data loss.
  • System error: If your system in encountered with any type of errors then the PST files saved on the system hard disk will become inaccessibility resulting in data loss.
  • Over sized PST: PST file consists of the different size limits on various versions of Microsoft Outlook. If the size of the PST file exceeds this limit then the PST file will become inaccessible as Outlook requires more resources to store new data.

Hence you will be losing your data from Microsoft Outlook by the above mentioned scenarios or many others. If this is the case then don’t worry because you can able to restore your corrupted files by using the best repair toolkit. If your Outlook inbox file gets corrupted on Microsoft Windows 7 version then you can use inbox repair software for windows 7 that supports effectively to repair all the corrupted files. Some of the other features of the Microsoft Outlook are mentioned below.  Advanced features of this utility

  • This software is qualifies to repair corrupted PST file due to sharing over network, damaged PST file corruption.
  • This utility creates a new PST file in a format compatible with Outlook versions of Windows 2003, 2007, 2000, 2010, etc.
  • This software has the advanced built in algorithm that scans the header of the PST file. Once the scanning process is processed it repair each bit of damaged PST file and generates a new repaired PST file on your system hard drive.
  • If you Outlook files gets corrupted then you can use inbox repair software to repair your corrupted files from Outlook

Hence this is the best repair toolkit that supports you to the entire corrupted PST file. You can certainly download the free demo version of this utility and evaluate the results. If you are satisfied with demo result you can purchase this software in order to save those results permanently.

Repair and Restore PPT files that cannot open

The PowerPoint application is produced by Microsoft. It will provide dynamic presentation. The PowerPoint files are in.ppt extension. It offers PPT slides, word art objects, text, images or photos, animations, sound files, hyperlinks, graphs, tables, charts and fields etc. These files having flexibility thus you can contribute numerous features as you wish. You can actually create, modify or edit, rearrange the slides and delete unnecessary slides while creating presentations. This application can be used by both professional and normal users. As pointed out these applications includes graphs, figures as well as provides backgrounds, colorful text makes your presentation more desirable to the listener. These files get corrupted as a consequence of improper handling, PPT header corruption etc you must fix PowerPoint.

Following would be the problems you may face when PPT file gets corrupted

• The images or photos that you take are certainly not clear.
• The PPT file gets stuck and it’s also unresponsive condition.
• Common operations like Cut +Paste, Copy +Paste aren’t possible.

If you face above problems the device alerts using a message like “the PPT file encountered a difficulty and requirements to close”. It’s simple to understand that the PPT file corrupted or damaged. Listed here are the scenarios when PPT file cannot open or it will not open.

Registry policy setting error: Once you setting registry policy improperly, then an administrator restrict the kind of the presentation. Thus the header with the PPT file gets corrupted. And you’ll get error message like “Attempt to open up data which is blocked by registry policy setting”.
Abrupt shutdown: Should you made to de-activate, when the Microsoft PowerPoint remains to be working or terminated improperly plus there is a possibility of corruption of PPT file will occur. Power surge or power failure suddenly will likely because PPT files corruption.
External threat attack: By external threat for example viruses, malware attack leads the PPT files corruption or damaged. This sort of situations will occur if you find no proper antivirus installation. And even while downloading PowerPoint file from unsecured network. These make PPT files inaccessible.

You should take precaution measures in order to avoid above mentioned scenarios. Maintain good power source, quality antivirus, and take backup for PPT files. You should use 3rd party tool called repair PPT file software to settle these complaints. It is going to repair and restore PPT files cannot open.

Quite sure this software handles complex repairing process in few steps. The software repairs and restores all sorts of corrupted PPT, PPTS, and PPTX files. In addition, it works well with various versions of Microsoft Power Point for example Power Point 2000, PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010 etc. The program supports Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows, and Windows 8 etc. Repair PPT file software will securely repairs and restores PPT files that happen to be not able to open.

Repair PPT files software is really accustomed to fix, repair, and restore corrupted PPT files. It’s also possible to download demo version by clicking download button. You can purchase if you satisfied with demo version.