How to Recover Data from a Failed Hard Drive on Win and Mac PCs?

The hard drive is one of the most important storage device used in both Windows and Mac-based systems. It is used to store huge amount of data such as images, music, video, spreadsheets, documents, games, software, etc. Hard drives are of two types such as internal hard drive and external hard drive and each hard drive is divided into partitions or volumes in order to have better file management and faster response.

Recover data from failed hard drive

As hard drives provide a best way of storing huge amount of user’s data so handling this device with utmost care is quite necessary. But sometimes users may come across the hard drive failure problems. This happens due to some unexpected reasons like malfunctioning issues, etc. Once your hard drive gets failed you are not able to access any data from your computer. If you come across the following symptoms that means your hard drive gets crashed.

  • Slowing down the performance speed of the system
  • Repeated freezing of the computer
  • Unexpected noises
  • Frequent appearing blue screen
  • PC getting overheated, etc.

If you come across this type of unwanted scenarios means your hard drive gets failed. Don’t get panic by thinking how to access the data from failed hard drive under such conditions make use of Failed Hard Drive Recovery software. This application has the capacity to scan the entire failed hard drive and recovers the data in a hassle-free manner.

Possible reasons behind the failure of hard drive:

  • The file system on the hard drive is used to manage the files in an organized manner. It is used to store the file details like file name, file size, file creation date, etc. if it gets corrupted due to any reasons then hard drive gets failed.
  • Due to virus attacks, bad sectors will be generated on the hard drive. If the effect of bad sectors is more on a hard drive then there may be a chance of hard drive failure.
  • Most of the users have the habit of formatting the hard drive even for small reasons. If the hard drive is frequently formatted then it gets failed.
  • Some reasons which are responsible for the failure of the hard drive are overheating of a hard drive, incorrect partitioning, MBR corruption, broken parts, etc.

Unique Features of Failed Hard Drive Recovery Software:

This software is used to recover data from a failed hard drive on all the versions of both Windows and Mac operating system. It has advancing scanning algorithm which has the capacity to scan the entire drive and retrieves the data from the failed hard drive in hassle-free manner. This application is used for recovering files like images, audio, video, documents, applications, etc. This tool is equipped with more than 300 built-in file signatures and can add additional signatures if necessary. By using this failed hard drive recovery software you can recover data from various brands of hard drive such as SanDisk, Toshiba, Hitachi, WD, Seagate, etc. It consists of disk image creation feature which is used to recover data from failed hard drive by skipping bad sectors.