How to recover deleted items from Outlook

Currently, the people prefer Microsoft Outlook is the best email client, to communicate as well manage personal or official data. Along with emails, the Outlook contains several items like contacts, to do list, calendar events, journals, etc. It means the user can perform other tasks on Outlook rather than just utilizing it for communication. Since the Outlook is used to perform various tasks, there might be a chance to delete accidentally emails or any other item from Outlook. It can cause serious problems if you are using your Outlook for business purpose or any personal work.

Have you ever encountered such situations and looking to recover deleted items from Outlook? Well, you have landed at the right place since you can get here complete details to recover Outlook PST file. The internet is filled with several Outlook PST recovery tools that are designed especially to recover Outlook data. Recovery of Outlook deleted items is possible because still, they are intact on the drive, just they are inaccessible to the user but they can be accessed by making use of the right tool.

Outlook will make use of PST file to store all data and this file is located on the local hard drive. The time of data loss from Outlook comes when the user has been deleted any important item from Outlook instead of deleting other unnecessary data. It can cause a serious problem if you have deleted using Shift + Delete key combination as the emails or contacts deleted through this way cannot be stored in “Deleted Items” or Recycle Bin folder. It means they cannot be restored manually but one can recover deleted items from Outlook using Outlook PST recovery software.

You might be surprised or interested to know that is how the deleted or lost Outlook items are recovered. This is possible because the software has a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm, which scans the complete drive to identify all lost data and restores them within a couple of minutes. However, the recovery is possible only before space was overwritten with fresh data. Therefore, if you realize the loss of any data from your Outlook, immediately stop making use of it, to increase the chances of lost Outlook data recovery.

Outlook recovery software is not only used to recover deleted items but it can also be used in the case of PST file corruption issues. There are several scenarios where the PST file can get corrupt and the complete Outlook data becomes inaccessible. Usually, the PST file can get corrupt due to the abrupt termination of Outlook, hard drive crash, oversize, virus attack, incorrect file system recovery, power surge, improper shutdown of system, etc. No matter how the PST file was corrupted, you can repair it as well recover all Outlook items just by making use of Outlook PST recovery software.

When it comes to making use of third party tool, usually the people get started to know which is the reliable and trustworthy tool. This is important for them because they want to get back all Outlook data safely. Therefore, if you are in such situation, first get trial version of Outlook recovery software. Using this you can execute all functions to recover deleted items from Outlook but the save feature was restricted in a trial version. Even the trial version can give you the list of all features of a recovered email such as To, From, CC, BCC, subject, etc so that you can check the possibility of Outlook recovery before investing on the software.

Outlook PST repair tool is one of the strong recovery applications capable to recover Outlook items regardless of scenarios. This is a highly rated tool because it is having strong recovery engine which enables you to recover emails and other items from Outlook. Its inbuilt algorithm was designed in such a way that the PST file can be repaired on any version of Outlook such as Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.