How to rescue files

People spend lot of time in creating their files which are very important for them and stores in computer or any other storage devices. They think files are very secure in hard disk. The people are lucky who have the back up of their valuable files. Many users don’t think to take back up of important files and blames themselves after losing them. There are many reasons are behind deletion of your files. Some of files get delete due to virus attack, accidental deletion, accidental formatting etc.

Now you are thinking how to get back the important files, that you have lost and not having any idea how to regain such files and getting worried of such situations. Now on wards stop worrying about such circumstances, because with the help of file recovery software you can recoup your valuable files. If you want to know how to regain deleted files visit

The files loss scenarios may vary from time to time, but here are some familiar reasons where most of the users come across such situations:

  • Accidental deletion: Sometimes there might be a chance of deletion files by unknowingly pressing shift + delete key while deleting unnecessarily files on disk.
  • Accidental formatting: when user wants to format the virus contained partition in hurry he may unintentionally format the partition which having important files results in loss of all files in that drive.
  • Bad sectors: The hard disk is divided into number of small sectors where your important files are stored. The reason behind this is to make hard disk possible to quickly find the files and to avoid complete hard disk failure in case of small disk error; in these areas of hard drive they become unusable and unreadable. Bad sectors can cause due to logical problems, corrupt boot records etc.
  • Interrupting file transfer process: At the time of transferring files from one device to another device, if the process gets interrupted due to power surge or by removing external storage device in the middle of transfer etc, then you may lose your files.
  • Power surge: The improper shut down is the very common reason for hard disk corruption. When system losses power at the middle of working on files then that file can be inaccessible or it is corrupted as a result of power variation.

The above listed reasons are some common scenarios where many users come across such situations and thinks they have lost their files permanently. Nowadays it is very easy to regain your lost files due to advanced technology. This is one such ultimate tool by using you can recoup your deleted files whatever may be the reason for deletion.

Some important tips to avoid file loss in future:

  • Regularly backup your important files and save them in other storage devices.
  • Regularly you have to scan your important files to keep free from virus threats by using legal antivirus software.
  • Do not share or allow network access to any unknown users. Your important files can be theft and modifies it, if any one on take network can access your files freely.

This software scans entire drive in few minutes to recoup your deleted files. This tool helps you to regain your lost files from formatted partitions even after re-installing Windows. You can recoup your files even when the hard drive has crashed or does not boot by using this software. By using this tool you can obtain your deleted files from Recycle Bin or by using shift + delete combination keyword, command prompt.

You can download the trial version of this software to check its capacity how it works to recoup your files. This tool gives you a preview option after regaining of files. If you are satisfied with the obtained result by using the demo version and want to save your recoup files you have to purchase the full version of this software.