How to save Windows Store apps to external storage in Windows 10?

Windows_StoreWindows is the operating system generated by Microsoft corporate. It is used mostly by the people throughout the world. There are many versions of Windows operation system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc. Among all these versions Windows 10 is the latest version and this version of Windows is made in such a way that is can be applicable for mobiles, tabs, laptops and desktop also. Windows 10 has some advanced features when compared to other versions of Windows such as fast performance, effective interface, associated with universal apps, etc.

When you install more applications from Windows store apps in the system and the memory may exceed its storage limit. In such situation have to options one is to uninstall and delete the applications and other is to store those applications in any external storing device. Everyone will prefer to choose second option because no one wants to delete the applications since those applications will be useful and necessary to the user.

Now lets us study about how to save Windows Store apps to external storage in Windows 10?

Switch on the computer and connect the external storage device to it. Now go to Start and click Settings, in Settings go to System and there select Storage. By doing this, you can see the list of all the connected storage devices to your computer. Under Save location will see drop down menu under “New apps will save to” then you click that menu and select the external storage drive you want to save the applications. Now you click the “Apply” option which is displayed over it and after clicking you are done with this task.

If you try to transfer applications when the external storage device is not connected properly to the system then the applications will be saved back to the internal memory card for the safety of the applications. In this situation you need to reconnect the external storage device and do the procedure which is mentioned above.