Know about Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5Xiaomi is a Chinese privately managed electronics company. The headquarter Inc. is present in Beijing. Xiaomi is the 5th largest smart mobile phone manufacture company across the world in year of 2015. It sold more than 70.8 million smartphones which was almost five percent of all over global market share. Xiaomi Inc. manufacture, designs, and sells mobile application, smartphones, along with other electronics gadgets.

Recently Xiaomi Inc. has launched a new smartphone named as Xiaomi Mi 5. It is available in three different versions. The cheap model cost is about 305 US dollars and having 32 GB of internal storage capacity along with a 3D glass rear panel. This version has a lower clock speed compare with other two models that is 1.8 GHz, but other model having 2.15 GHz.

The second version of Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone has 64 GB of internal storage space along with 3D glass rear panel. The prize of this Xiaomi Mi 5 model is 352$. The third version of Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone that is the Pro version, it comes along with 4 GB of RAM(Random Access Memory), 3GB more comparable with the other two versions, along with a 3D ceramic back. The prize of this version is 413$.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone has a 5.15 inch screen with Full high definition resolution. This large screen offers more than enough pixels per inch, with no visual aspect to be seen anywhere on the display screen. The screen colors of of the MIUI 7 interface take on an amazing blaze. It also has fingerprints features.

The fingerprint scanner on the Xiaomi Mi 5 is set up in the home button, rather than on the back. The first setup takes just five seconds, and unlocking the device appeared smooth and fast. The Xiaomi Mi 5 comes along with the MIUI 7 interface. This interface is different from other brands like as the absence of the application drawer.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 has a Snapdragon 820 microprocessor running at 2.1 GHz. This processor is supported by 3 GB of RAM in the 32 and 64 GB version, and 4 GB of random access memory in this model along with 128 GB of internal storage. The Xiaomi Mi 5 phone supports 4G+ connectivity, along with max download speed of 600 Mbps, along with dual SIM card and VoLTE technology, which assurances better voice call and audio quality.