How to recover deleted items from Outlook

Currently, the people prefer Microsoft Outlook is the best email client, to communicate as well manage personal or official data. Along with emails, the Outlook contains several items like contacts, to do list, calendar events, journals, etc. It means the user can perform other tasks on Outlook rather than just utilizing it for communication. Since the Outlook is used to perform various tasks, there might be a chance to delete accidentally emails or any other item from Outlook. It can cause serious problems if you are using your Outlook for business purpose or any personal work.

Have you ever encountered such situations and looking to recover deleted items from Outlook? Well, you have landed at the right place since you can get here complete details to recover Outlook PST file. The internet is filled with several Outlook PST recovery tools that are designed especially to recover Outlook data. Recovery of Outlook deleted items is possible because still, they are intact on the Continue reading “How to recover deleted items from Outlook”

How to Perform Partition Recovery with the FREE Tool?

Consider a scenario, where you accidentally deleted the partition of theRecover data from failed hard drive hard drive. As a result of which, you will lose entire data from that partition. The deleted partition contains the important document of my office work. Is there any software which can recover my deleted or lost partition?

Losing partitions from hard drive or external hard drive is a drastic situation wherein users lose their essential data that are saved on those deleted or lost partition.  Partition is a part of logical memory space on the system hard drive which acts as a separate drive.  Partitioning the hard drive into different logical parts will improve the performance of the hard drive and increases the data read or write speed on the hard drive. A user can store various data in each partition with ease. However, while performing data activities on the hard drive, the partition may get deleted or lost accidentally which causes severe data loss. In such situation, you can use Partition Recovery software to recover partition with great ease.

Reasons for loss of partition from hard drive:

  • Deleting a partition by unintentional pressing of shift+ delete keys results in loss of important data.
  • Accidentally selecting a partition which has vital files instead of unnecessary partition and clicked on delete option.
  • Using unauthorized third party software like, partition or repartitioning tool, defragmentation tool or antivirus software, etc. on the hard drive.
  • Unnecessary format or reformat of the hard drive, accidentally picking up an incorrect partition for formatting will erase partition data completely.
  • Other factors like partition corruption due to partition table corruption, file system corruption, hard drive failure, damaged header, a damaged file system of partition and others can all results in inaccessibility of partitions on hard drive.

Users may lose hard drive partitions by facing different cases as mentioned above. Losing important partitions from the hard drive is a horrible situation. But, such conditions can be avoided to the great extent by being careful while accessing partition data on hard drive. However, you can recover deleted or lost partition using Partition Recovery software.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Don’t create more partitions when you need to recover data from deleted or missing partition to avoid any overwriting.
  • After formatting, don’t the drive again to create more partition.
  • Always take backup of data to avoid loss of data.

Features of Partition Recovery software:

  • Partition Recovery software is an advanced recovery technique which will accurately scan the hard drive for deleted or lost partition with utmost ease.
  • It can recover partition on a hard drive formatted with FAT32, NTFS5, NTFS, exFAT, FAT 16, the etc. file system on Windows Server 2008, 8, 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, etc.
  • This software recovers data from various hard drive interfaces such as ATA, SCSI, SATA, PATA, IDE, etc.
  • It also recovers various file from a major version of Mac operating system such as Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard.
  • This software has a “Preview” option through which you can see the recovered files from the partition.
  • Demo version is available on the internet free of cost. You can download this software to evaluate the software ability. If you are satisfied with the recovery results of the utility then get the full version of the utility to save the recovered files.

How to Retrieve Data from Partition on Windows

A hard drive is an internal storage device on the system that can store huge amount of data. A hard drive can store nearly 2TB of information as it supports that space for storing. This hard drive could be divided into multiple logical partitions that will help to store data on the hard drive easily and effectively. The hard disk is loaded with any version of Windows after partition into many sections. You can store many files and folders in Windows are stored on major partitions. Sometimes you end up with losing important files after partitioning the hard drive due to the corruption. This will likely happen as a result of bad sectors, improper power source, file system corruption, virus intrusion, etc.

Let see one of the scenarios associated with loss of data because of bad sectors. Usually, bad sectors on the hard drive are caused resulting from improper power surge which creates bad sectors on the disk drive. So it results in corruption of disk drive partition and all system files on the operating-system become inaccessible. And also the files stored for the particular partition will be unable to access to resulting to huge loss of data. In each these situations, you can make aid of partition recovery software on Windows-based which definitely retrieve partition data on Windows effectively in very less span of time.

Some of the other reasons for data loss scenarios are mentioned below

  • Loss of data due to partition table corruption: Partition table is the vital data structure containing information on the partitions like the total number of sectors, start and end value of sectors, sector size, etc on the system drive. If the table gets corrupted then your partition is not located or accessed.

• Using third partitioning tool: There is various third partitioning tool on today’s market make it easier to format, reformat, repartition process on hard drive partitions. If you are using it with no the proper backup then the essential files that will results in loss partition from your system and helps to make the data inaccessible resulting in huge loss of data.

• MBR corruption: Loss of files while converting file system from NTFS to FAT files system can take place because of Master boot record corruption. This MBR corruption ends in an unrecognized operating system. If MBR gets corrupted then partition within the disk drive becomes unbootable which leads to inaccessibility of partition, therefore, the data stored on the partition is lost.

Partition Recovery software is the most beneficial recommended software by many industry experts, which is used to recoup lost partition and produce its data accessible which could restore files from partitions that were deleted as a result of partitioning errors. This software will also support to extract data on Windows 8, XP, Vista, 2003, 7, etc with ease.

A few of the popular features of this software

  • This software supports the recovery of files of file types such as documents, spreadsheets, animations, audio, video and image
  • This software lets you create disk images bypassing the bad sectors on the hard drive partition to be able to retrieve files which consist of help.
  • Files recovered can be seen in the hierarchical form using “Data Type View” and according to File signature using “File Type View” features.
  • This software proficiently restores corrupt and lost data from hard drives of several types like SATA, IDE, PATA, ATA, SCSI along with storage devices like flash memory drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc.

Partition recovery tool will be the most useful recovery software which has the ability to recover lost or deleted data from disk drive partition and also it can restore files lost from different storage devices.

Approach to repair RAR file

RAR is a file format used to compress single or multiple files including music, video, audio, movies and etc. Usually, we compressed files to save memory space of the system hard drive. With this particular file format, you can transfer multiple files over the internet.

Suppose one day you downloaded a 4 GB RAR file, as the net was very slow it took almost 4 days to acquire download. After downloading you open that file, but it was showing CRC error. You try to open that file several times but every time you fails, as you don’t have a source to download it again you also lose your entire important data. If you stuck in any situation don’t get upset every problem has a solution. And the solution for your problem is RAR repair tool.

CRC error comes when your file gets corrupt and after repairing only you will be able to access it, if you want to extract data from it. Repair RAR application can solve all yours problem within few mouse clicks. This tool can fix your corrupted RAR file without any encryption. Common reasons which can be responsible for RAR file corruption are defined below:

  • Interruption: If any interruption occurs during RAR file downloading then there will a high chance of RAR file corruption. Improper download RAR of file damage the RAR file and make in inaccessible. You are able to avoid this issue by using tools including download manager to download your RAR files.
  • Virus Attack: Severe virus / malware attack on the RAR file makes the file corrupt and inaccessible. Use an updated antivirus program to avoid virus attack in your system.
  • Changing file extension: Renaming the RAR file by having an incorrect file extension can also corrupt the RAR file like renaming xyz.rar file to xyz.jpeg will change the meaning from the file resulting in RAR file corruption.
  • Third party tool: Installing unauthorized alternative party applications software to extract your RAR file may also be another reason behind RAR file corruption.

It is possible to try re-downloading the whole RAR archive file in the internet if is still available, there is a chance to recover but if not then go for repair RAR tool to repair password protected .rar file. So whatever could be the basis for RAR file corruption theses file can be fixed with the help of an efficient repair tool and that is repair RAR software. This is actually the best repair software to fix RAR file. The tool performs scanning of the corrupted RAR file and extracts all the files from it. Click here to download the software. It has the ability to repair large size RAR files. Password locked RAR archive can also be repaired with this particular application. Download and install free trial version with this application from the internet. Verify the result of trial version and if you’re happy with its results then go for its full version to save repaired files.

Restore NTFS Partition on Windows 8 after Deletion

NTFS (new technology file systems) is the proprietary file system developed by Microsoft for Windows computers. NTFS has several advantages over FAT file systems. They are increased reliability, distributed link tracking and high security provided for a file or folder. Therefore having NTFS partitions on latest versions of Windows systems like Windows 8 is one of the best choices.

NTFS provides reliability to restore file system properties after a system failure. It even avoids data loss by dynamically re-mapping clusters of bad sectors in the hard disk drive. Even though it is highly reliable to store data, what if you delete an NTFS partition? You will end up in losing all the data present inside NTFS partition. For example, you may mistakenly reformat an important NTFS partitioned drive in place of another NTFS partitioned drive. Reformatting an NTFS partition intentionally or unintentionally erases all the data present in it. This type of human errors results in huge loss of data from NTFS partition on Windows 8 computers.

If you have also deleted an NTFS partition on Windows 8 computer then don’t worry. You can easily restore lost data with the help of Rescue Deleted utility. This utility scans your entire hard drive to find deleted NTFS partition and restores data from it. Before going to the features of this application let’s see some of the scenarios which cause NTFS partition deletion.

During Disk related operations: Hard disk related operations on Windows 8 system is carried out using Disk Management tool. It may include creating new partitions, reformatting, file system conversion, etc. Using wrong disk management commands may cause deletion of NTFS partitions.

Windows 8 OS re-installation: Sometimes users may re-install Windows 8 OS to upgrade or to resolve some issues. While re-installing users may unknowingly delete NTFS partitions with wrong clicks.

Virus attacks: Users may also delete a NTFS partition when they cannot access data inside a NTFS partition due to severe virus infections.

In addition to above situations, there may be several reasons where users may intentionally or unintentionally delete an NTFS partition on Windows 8 computer. However, you can avoid data loss by taking regular backup of NTFS partitions. Using a reliable anti-virus program will also minimize NTFS partition deletion due to virus infections.

If you are facing data loss by NTFS partition deletion, then make use of rescue deleted partition application to recover deleted NTFS partition on windows 8 computer. This application is completely unique and better recovery app when compared to other applications. It doesn’t modify or damage your hard disk contents of Windows 8 system while performing NTFS partition recovery.

Remarkable features of Rescue deleted tool:

  • Rescue deleted software has simple GUI, by which easily recover deleted NTFS partition on Windows 8 computer without facing any confusion.
  • This software has the capability to identify more than 300 types of files and get back pictures, audio clips, movies, video clips, Word documents, PPT files, Excel sheets, etc from a deleted NTFS partition.
  • This reliable application can undo delete NTFS partition on Windows 8 after deletion within a short span of time.
  • Not only on Windows 8 OS, it also supports NTFS partition restoration on different Windows operating systems like  Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Servers 2008 and 2003.
  • In addition to recovering deleted NTFS partitions, it can retrieve deleted FAT 16 or FAT 32 formatted partitions.
  • Rescue deleted app can also be used for restoring lost data from external hard disks, pen drives, memory cards and other storage devices.
  • Use demo version of this software, if you feel it can retrieve NTFS partition on Windows 8 OS then you can buy a license key to save recovered files.

Best Software that Repairs AVI Videos

AVI which stands for Audio Video Interleave is nothing a type of video file format. It is similar to other popular video file formats, but comparatively rich in several features, for instance, it gives a better picture and at the same time good sound clarity. Moreover, it occupies very less space on a storage device. This video file format was developed and launched by Microsoft Corporation in the year 1992. Today it is one of the most widely used video formats, by default even mobile phones play an AVI video file.

All these are the positive attributes of an AVI file; however, there are some negative attributes as well among which corruption of AVI file is a most noted one. Yes, AVI files often get corrupt, once they corrupted you will not be able to play them. Well, there are many reasons behind the corruption of an AVI file, but now you don’t have to get worried. There exists an application, which called as file repair tool. With the help of this repair application, you could easily repair AVI files that have been corrupted or damaged. After having repaired, you can play the video file without any hassle. File repair tool is a most trusted software and moreover, its read-only app, which will just scan the corrupted AVI file by using advanced internal scanning engine, after scanning it creates a similar but healthy file. It has been developed by a team of highly dedicated and well-qualified software developers. Furthermore, to provide technical assistance for costumes, there exists a tech support team. Hence, if you feel any complexity while using the software then you can contact them at any time.

How AVI files get corrupted?

  • Virus Infection: Harmful viruses such as Malware, Spyware, Adware, etc, are very suspicious programs. They never leave any file, once they enter into any storage media. When you save an AVI file on a virus infected storage device, then it will corrupt that video.
  • Header Corruption: Header is an important part of every computer file, even for an AVI file it is important. It maintains all the essential details of that particular file. As a result of any known or unknown reason, it gets corrupted, then the video will refuse to play.
  • Downloading Errors: Assume that you are downloading an AVI video clip from a web, meanwhile at the time of downloading if some unexpected error takes place then downloaded video clip will get corrupted.
  • Round Tripping: If you change the extension of an AVI file to some other unsupported format and bring back to its original format, and if this conversion process is often carried out then that video will get corrupted.   
  • Crashing of Media Player: While viewing the video on media player application, if it suddenly the application crashes then that particular video which was running will get corrupted.

Other than these, there are few more reasons on an account which video will get corrupted. But, there’s nothing to worry, as file repair application can easily troubleshoot the issue in few minutes.

Striking Features of File Repair App:

It’s a most effective and fastest repair application, which will resolve the corruption issues in a very short time frame. It is easily compatible to fix AVI videos on all available versions of Windows OS including  Windows 10, Windows 8, Win Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003. The software can also be installed on all Mac OS versions including  Sierra, El Capitan, Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. It has a simple user interface and by gives step by step directions with screenshots that make it an easy task for repairing AVI video files after corruption. In addition to AVI video, the tool can other video file formats like DivX, XVID, etc.The software is quite safe and secure from all kinds of harmful elements such as vindictive programs and viruses. It can repair the video clips on all secondary storage devices including pen drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory sticks, etc. It’s a renowned repair application which consistently remained an award-winning utility from past several years. Prior to purchase, you can use the demo version of this application to repair AVI files, if you get satisfied with its performance then you can easily save repaired AVI videos and play them.

Does Factory Data Reset Erase Everything?

The factory reset can either keep your files intact or delete them, depending on the reset option you choose. For instance, when you click on “Reset your PC” option on Windows 10, your computer will be restored to default factory configuration. However, when you choose this option you will be asked whether you want keep your personal files or not. Thus while resetting PC, still you have an option keep your old files untouched and safe. But, note that installed programs and setting present on your computer will be wiped off completely. This is done to ensure that you have a fresh system.

Similarly, Windows 8 also offers two separate options namely “Refresh your PC” and “Reset your PC”. Here, Refresh your PC option will keep all your files intact while erasing settings and uninstalling apps. On the other side, the Reset your PC option will remove everything from your computer including files and apps.


What happens at the background/rear-end when you factory reset your Windows PC?

When you reset your computer to factory settings, the following things takes place,

  • The computer boots into Windows RE(Recovery Environment)
  • Then, the Windows RE wipes and formats the available partitions just before installing new copy of Windows OS
  • Finally, the computer restarts with the new copy of Windows

So, when you opt to keep your files as it is, the same process mentioned-above is carried out. But, before moving ahead with erasing the partition, the Windows RE examines the drive for the personal files. Then the Windows RE keeps these files separately and begins to install fresh copy of Windows OS. Thus whether you prefer to preserve your files or not, completely fresh installation takes place


While performing a factory reset, you are given complete control over whether you wish you keep your files or not. Further, its recommended that you perform a factory reset only if you are finding problems due to third-party apps or malware. However, after the system restore or factory reset, if you notice that any of your files are missing, then you can use File Recovery software. The application is exclusively developed to restore lost/deleted files from your computer.

Know How to Prevent Data Entry Mistakes by Using Excels Data Validation Feature

When coming to the matter of accuracy validation of new data is quite authoritative. Therefore, for the Excel users, this process might be lengthy and complex or sometimes it may be simple. Now in this article, we will provide you a brief explanation about how to populate the validation list by using the static and dynamic lists.

Excel sheet data validation featureBasics:

Excel Data Validation feature is one of the excellent tools that allows effective options for flexibility. Now let us take an example that limits input to the static list departments.

  • First, select the input cell.
  • Now on the Data tab select Data Validation option. A single click on Data Tools group will open the Data Validation dialog.
  • Now click on the List button to display a list of options.
  • To display a static list enter the values separated by a comma in the Source control. If the list needs to be in a specific order, enter the items in that order.
  • Now click on OK button and use Data Validation control to see the static list. Selecting an item sets the control’s value.

The above process seems to be very simple. But if you need to update the list occasionally you have to search for a reasonable solution. By making the dynamic list it is not required to update the source reference. You can do this operation by two ways i.e. using a named range or using a Table.

A named range always comes with some inherent problems i.e. some are easily managed and some others not. A Table is the easiest option. If you’re using a .xlsx version, you don’t have to work hard on this simply press the skip button.

Using a named range:

To start with the dynamic range solution you have to enter the list and then name as follows:

  • First, select the list and the header.
  • Now click on the Data tab and from the Defined Names group select Create from Selection option.
  • After that accept the default and go to Top Row and then click OK.

Now you can base your list on the source as follows:

Using table source:

Firstly create the Table as described below:

  • Click anywhere inside the list and click the Insert tab. Now click Table option in the Tables group.
  • Now in the resulting table check the My Table Has Headers option and hit OK.
  • Now enter a name for the Table using the Table Name control in the Properties group.

Tool to Repair Corrupted Word (doc, docx) Documents

wordMS office Suit is a collection of utilities like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Publisher, etc. All these apps are having unique features and their own file extensions. MS Word saves files in .docx and .doc file extension. The older version of MS Word like 97-2003, then it saves files in .doc format. All the latest versions (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) of MS Word saves file in .docx format. This MS Word program is commonly used for generating documents, letters, articles, resumes, etc. This docx file contains a number of useful functions such as text formatting, page layout, Align, spell and grammar check, Style, hyperlink, etc. This tool is used by people across the globe for their personal and professional purpose.

Sometimes, people face some issue with their docx files. When they try to open Word file, then it will deny or sometime the information saved in it does not appear correctly. If any one of you are facing such issue with your docx files and also want to fix docx file, then read this post because here I am describing an advanced method by which you can easily repair Word file. In order to fix Word file issue there is no manual way. You need to make the use of third party app for repairing such docx file problems.

Most common causes which lead to docx file corruption:

Incorrect Handling: Making the use of docx file in wrong way such as closing the Word app suddenly when processing with docx file can lead to docx file corruption.

Virus Attack: Viruses are the small computer program which specially designed for deleting or damaging the information store in the system hard drive. If these viruses enter into the system, then there is chance of docx file corruption.

Abrupt System Shutdown: During working with docx file if computer shutdown improperly, then there is a chance of docx file corruption.

Other Causes: Application crash, compatibility error, file header corruption, application conflicts and file system corruption, etc. can be a reason behind docx file corruption.

In order to repair docx Word file which can be damaged or corrupted in any ways as mentation above, people need to utilize Fix DOCX application. This is a read only utility which means that it does not modify the damaged docx file instant of that it simply creates a new docx file and extracts the information from old file and keep in it. Due to this feature, docx file severally corruption the chance is very low. This software allows people to repair docx file which can be generated with any versions of MS Word tool like MS Word 2007, 2003, 2000, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Once the repair process is completed, you can also take the preview of repaired docx file. Fix DOCX tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system and supports both .docx and .doc format. It is capable to repair each bit of info contained docx file such as text, formatting, OLE objects, and fields along with hyperlinks.

Know about Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5Xiaomi is a Chinese privately managed electronics company. The headquarter Inc. is present in Beijing. Xiaomi is the 5th largest smart mobile phone manufacture company across the world in year of 2015. It sold more than 70.8 million smartphones which was almost five percent of all over global market share. Xiaomi Inc. manufacture, designs, and sells mobile application, smartphones, along with other electronics gadgets.

Recently Xiaomi Inc. has launched a new smartphone named as Xiaomi Mi 5. It is available in three different versions. The cheap model cost is about 305 US dollars and having 32 GB of internal storage capacity along with a 3D glass rear panel. This version has a lower clock speed compare with other two models that is 1.8 GHz, but other model having 2.15 GHz.

The second version of Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone has 64 GB of internal storage space along with 3D glass rear panel. The prize of this Xiaomi Mi 5 model is 352$. The third version of Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone that is the Pro version, it comes along with 4 GB of RAM(Random Access Memory), 3GB more comparable with the other two versions, along with a 3D ceramic back. The prize of this version is 413$.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone has a 5.15 inch screen with Full high definition resolution. This large screen offers more than enough pixels per inch, with no visual aspect to be seen anywhere on the display screen. The screen colors of of the MIUI 7 interface take on an amazing blaze. It also has fingerprints features.

The fingerprint scanner on the Xiaomi Mi 5 is set up in the home button, rather than on the back. The first setup takes just five seconds, and unlocking the device appeared smooth and fast. The Xiaomi Mi 5 comes along with the MIUI 7 interface. This interface is different from other brands like as the absence of the application drawer.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 has a Snapdragon 820 microprocessor running at 2.1 GHz. This processor is supported by 3 GB of RAM in the 32 and 64 GB version, and 4 GB of random access memory in this model along with 128 GB of internal storage. The Xiaomi Mi 5 phone supports 4G+ connectivity, along with max download speed of 600 Mbps, along with dual SIM card and VoLTE technology, which assurances better voice call and audio quality.