Lost Photo Recovery from Digital Camera

Retrieve Lost Photos is the effective and brilliant application to recover lost photos from digital camera and it is developed with powerful scanning technology. It supports to undelete images from various partitions of hard drive such as RAID0, RAID5, and RAID1. This recovery utility is equipped with “Preview” option which will provides the user to check the list of restored photos and other media files before saving it on any data storage gadgets. It has a capability to get back all precious pics and other media files from leading manufacturers of digital camera are Nikon, Kodak, Panasonic, Canon, Sony, Samsung, etc.

Nowadays, deleting or missing the images from digital camera happens to be very common scenario and it occurs because of numerous factors such as mishandling of digital camera, file header corruption, malware infections, abrupt system termination, presence of bad sectors, use of third party utility, improper transfer, etc. Are you facing any of these issues? Are you worried about how to undelete pictures from digital camera? If your answer is yes, then without wasting a time employ Retrieve Lost Photos software in your PC to regain lost or deleted images.

Common causes behind the loss of images from digital camera:  

  1. Accidental deletion of photos by using “Delete All” option while accessing the images from digital camera.
  2. Virus infection is one of the common factor for loss of pictures from digital camera.
  3. Continuous capture of images while digital camera indicates the low battery.
  4. While sharing or moving pictures from camera to PC if sudden power failure or system gets turn off then it leads to loss of pics.
  5. Due to various issues memory card of digital camera encounter format error message when connected it to PC or laptop.
  6. Abrupt ejection of memory card without following “Safety Remove Hardware” procedure.

Key Points to be Remember:

  • Always follow “Safety Remove Hardware” procedure while removing memory card.
  • Highly suggested to use latest and updated antivirus software on your system or laptop.
  • Use power backup devices in order to avoid improper or incomplete transfer.

Special Specifications of Retrieve Lost Photos Tool:

Retrieve Lost Photos application supports recovery of different file system such as HFS+, ExtFAT, FAT16, HFS, FAT32, NTFS5, and NTFS5. In order to avoid rescanning of digital camera you can resume or save scanning process by using “Save Recovery Session”. This recovery tool has effectively built scanning mechanism to recover lost photos from digital camera, pen drives, external hard disk drive, camcorders, etc. With the assist of simple GUI options even non-technical users can restore their lost or deleted images and other media files.  You can compress the retrieve photos in order to reduce the memory disk space.

It has a capability to get back all types of file extensions like PNG, JPEG, BMP, MOV, TIF, TIFF, GIF, MPEG, GIFF, PPT, MP3, AVI, MP4, WMV, PST, HTML, EXE, etc. This utility provides you to sort the recovered files on the basis of name, files size, file format, and creation or modification date. It has the capacity to undelete different brands of memory cards including Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, PNY, Verbatim, Lexar, Sony, and many more. You can contact the technical support in case you required any assistance regarding recovery of images.

How to Recover Data from RAW Partition?

“RAW Partition” events typically associated with the file system. If file system type information is missing or inconsistent in several file system table, such file system are not recognized by windows. Which indicates that all the available file systems are not able to mount that particular file system due to records that identifies file system are damaged or altered.

The partition/volume which was created using Disk Management but not yet formatted is also indicating as RAW partition.

The RAW partition can be recovered with some general tricks. The symptoms that Windows prompt s

“You need to format the hard drive before you can use it “.

Other typical symptoms are

  • CHKDSK reports error message
  • Disk Management System indicates drive file system is RAW.

These are normal situations which arise very often and you have to format the drive/partition before you can use it. However  once formatted drive your all precious data will be wipe out and it will be nearly impossible to get them back. Best bet is to try RAW partition Recovery Utility to recover RAW partition and then format the drive to start from scratch.

RAW partition Recovery

To perform recover RAW partition recovery users can utilize this software and can recover RAW partition from any type of problem. RAW partition Recovery is 100% reliable and your lost data can be easily restored.

Files of varied file formats can be easily reclaimed by using RAW Partition Recovery software. The tool is sophisticated enough to revive file formats  such as WAV, MP3, M4b, M4A, MP4, AIF, AMR, AIFC, AIFF, AVI, RA, PPT, PPTX, DOCX, XLS, PST, EXE, APK, MPEG, M4V, MOV, 3GP, JPEG, TIFF, 3G2, RM, MPG, PDF, ACCESS, HTML, PHP, PNG, JPG, TIF, BMP, X3F, PSD, CRW, NEF, SR2, MRW, GIF, ARW, RAW, CR2 and many more. This user friendly software is also compatible with NTFS, NTFS5, ReFS, FAT16, FAT32 and ExtFAT . In case, if the file that you wish to recover is not previewed then you can add it. One of the other promising feature of RAW Partition Recovery is that it allows users to create recovery session that can be used to avoid rescanning of the drive again and again.

The RAW Partition Recovery software also creates disk image of the infected partition so that bad sectors can be by passed. Later with the help of this disk image users can easily recover the files and folders. This tool allows seeing files on basis of file extension or files on basis of hierarchy.


How to Restore Files on Mac OS X?

MAC OS X Data Recovery is one of the proficient, reliable and powerful software that permit user to recover any type of files that are deleted from Mac OS X due to any of the reasons. Due to its advance scanning algorithm, this software is always in demand for industrial experts and professionals. Sometimes user want to recover only selected files from drive on their Mac OS X system. In this case, this trusted software is preferred to recover selected Mac OS X files. Mac OS X Data Recovery software permits sorting of recoverable files according to their name, creation time, file type and size.

Some of the reasons which are responsible for data recovery in Mac OS X system are as follows:

  • Accidental Deletion: Sometimes user wants to free some memory space on Mac OS X system hard drive. For this user have to delete some of the useless files from the file system, but, by mistakenly sometimes user delete some important files using combination key like command delete which surpass file over trash folder which ends up with file recovery in Mac OS X system.
  • Accidental Format: Formatting of any drive clears each of the file details from the file system from respective drives within a quick span of time. So, if somehow user performs any accidental formatting to any specific drive then they have to suffer from severe and disastrous data loss.
  • File System Corruption: File systems are responsible for managing each of the file activities on any hard drive. So, if somehow file system gets corrupted then automatically all the associated files become inaccessible to users. To eradicate such kind of problem user need to install a reliable recovery tool for recovering data from hard drive on Mac OS X.
  • Abrupt Shutdown: While users are working with any file and due to some reasons like power surge, hardware conflicts, software issues, and so on, if system gets shutdown abruptly then it may cause data corruption and can cause inaccessibility of data.
  • Other Reasons: Apart from above mentioned issues there are some other reasons also responsible for data deletion. Some of the reasons are journal corruption, software conflicts, improper closing of files, power surge, and so on.

Before applying any kind of recovery process we must take care of some of precautionary measures. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Immediately avoid using drive where data losses occur. This must be done because of the fact that the newly stored data can get overwritten in place of deleted file and if this happens then there is less chance to retrieve back the original file.
  • Avoid formatting or re-formatting of hard disk drive after data loss.

Some of the outstanding features of Mac OS X Data Recovery software are as follows:

  • Mac OS X Data Recovery has user friendly graphical user interface which can enable anyone to use data recovery process without having enough knowledge of computer.
  • It can be used on different file systems like HFS+,HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 and ExtFAT64.
  • Mac OS Data Recovery can also support different Mac OS versions like Mavericks, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion etc.
  • It also allows user to preview recovered files before restoring them back at any specific location.
  • It permits its user to compress recovered data in order to save disk space.

Some of the file formats that can be easily gets recovered by use of MAC OS X Data Recovery are  M4A, PPT, DOC, AMR, PDD, XLS,EXE, MIDI, WAV, JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PSD, AVI, AIF, RAW, RA, 3GP, MOV,MPG, MPEG4, MP4, TIFF, RM, SR2, CRW and many more.

Simple Way of Recovering Data from Sony Vaio laptop

Sony Vaio laptop is a joint venture of company Sony and VAIO which was introduced in year 1996. It has some special features which are much attractive and fascinating. Security integration and updated file system is the best feature of Sony Vaio laptop. In spite  of having numerous features, Sony Vaio laptop sometimes loose data and files due to some error. The user can lose data unintentionally due to power failure, bad sector and so on.

However, no need to worry Sony Vaio laptop Data Recovery is an efficient tool to recover data and files which gets deleted from the system. This application is simple and user friendly, anyone can recover files by following some simple steps. This tool helps you to retrieve files from sony vaio laptop which is missing from hard disk.

Scenarios for Data Loss on Sony Vaio

Human Mistake: It is deletion of files and folder accidentally from the system. It is the common reason for data deletion in Sony Vaio laptops.

File System Conversion: When file system is converted from one to another i.e, FAT 16 to FAT 32 or FAT 32 to NTFS then there is a chance of data loss from Sony Vaio laptops.

Virus Attacks: It is the most common reason for data loss in Sony Vaio laptop. When a user is downloading something through internet or sharing some data from external device then there is a risk of virus attack and the file gets deleted.

Formatting: If user formats the system without taking the backup file then all important files gets deleted from laptop.

Improper System Termination: When the system is not properly turned off then it leads to data loss from Sony Vaio laptops. This problem is due to battery failure or any other reason.

Third Party Application: When user is scanning files through antivirus, some file is not compatible with  antivirus and gets deleted automatically.

Partition Error: During resizing of partition, some error takes place due to which user loose data from Sony Vaio laptop.

 Features of Sony Vaio Laptop Data Recovery

Sony Vaio Laptop Data Recovery is a simple and efficient tool which is widely used across the globe to recover deleted data. This software is user friendly so that both technical and non technical users can access it by following some simple steps. It provides preview option which is best part of the software. The users can check the effectiveness of the software before purchasing. It can’t alter the source file which is recovered through the software. It is capable to recover almost all files which gets deleted through Sony Vaio laptop. It is available in demo version also. The user can download demo version and check how it works. This software provides option to the user to save recovered file either on internal or external device. It provides technical assistance to the customers related to software. The support team is technically trained for any kind of issues related to software and provides proper guidelines. It is easy to access and recover files within fraction of time. It requires very less space  for installation. It is the most efficient tool to recover data among all software available in market.

Easy Way of Recovering Deleted PNG Files

xD stands for Extreme digital. xD card  is a type of flash memory card widely used in digital cameras before 2010 . This memory card is mostly used in Olympus and Fujifilm digital cameras and manufactured by Toshiba Corporation. The popular brands of Xd card are- Kodak, SanDisk, PNY and Lexar and the storage capacity of xD card is from 16 MB to 2 GB. The xD memory cards are known for high speed data transfer, cheap data storage and low power consumption. If you are looking for flash memory card that comes with high-resolution image capability then xD card is the best option available. xD card can also used in MP3 players and digital voice recorders.

But, sometimes due to human error and some other issues like virus and Malware infection, xD card file format corruption etc. can destroy our precious files. In such scenarios, we need to retrieve erased png files from xD card.

Common scenarios that lead to deletion of png files from xD card

  • Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion while previewing the files on the Computer or digital camera by selecting ‘Delete’ or ‘Delete All’ option of the device, might cause data loss
  • Antivirus Scanning: The files stored on xD card may get infected by viruses or malware issues, if you have connected it with infected PC previously. If you connect this xD card to another PC where an updated antivirus is installed this might delete these infected files during the scanning.
  • Deletion on computer: The files deleted from Windows and Mac OS that are not saved on Recycle Bin or Trash folder might get deleted permanently.
  • xD Card corruption: The corrupted file system on xD card may also cause deletion of files. Some common reasons for corruption of xD card like Virus attack, format errors, inappropriate handling etc.
  • Formatting xD card: When we are unable to preview the files on xD card due to some error message like ‘card not formatted’. In case if you choose to format then this will lead to loss of entire data from xD card.
  • Interrupts during file transfer: Interruption while transferring the file from one storage device to another storage device may also cause data loss.

                   If you come across above mentioned data deletion scenarios then no need to worry. You can easily recover erased png files from xD card in few simple steps by using Undelete xD card utility. Undeleted xD card is the most efficient, reliable and sophisticated tool specially designed to recover deleted png files from xD card. This award winning tool can recover deleted pictures of following formats like JPEG,JPG,BMP,GIF,PSD and also media files of following format like MP3,MP4,WAV,AVI,AMR etc. The tool can also recover files from SD card, CF card, Micro SD and MMC cards etc.

Salient features of Undelete xD card Utility:

  • The tool can recover the picture as well as media files from all types of memory cards
  • All the platforms of Windows Operating system like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2003 and 2008 Server Supports this utility to recover deleted files
  • The tool can also used on Mac operating system platforms to recover erased png files from xD card
  • This tool having an inbuilt scanning algorithm that scans deleted pictures as well as other media files very quickly
  • The tool can also recover the files from bad sectors of the hard drive
  • After the recovery, we can preview the recover files on the browser before the restoration
  • The save recovery session allows users to save the recovered session and we can resume the recovery at any point of time.

Best Software to Restore Files from Kodak

Have you lost or accidentally deleted some files from your Kodak digital camera and searching for the best software to get back them? If yes, then your search ends here, because here is an excellent software to restore files from Kodak and the software name is Kodak Recovery tool. Unless you don’t overwrite with any new files over the lost files on your Kodak camera memory card, this software can easily perform files recovery from Kodak very easily in few easy steps. All the lost files from Kodak camera will be still there on the memory card unless it is being overwrite with some new files. Until you have this software, you don’t have to worry. Just implement this software and follow few easy steps to retrieve files from Kodak.

Factors responsible for the loss of files:

Sometimes, you might have plugged in the memory card of your Kodak camera to your system for some purpose. At that time, you would have accidentally or unintentionally formatted it. This would have resulted in loss of entire files from your Kodak camera.

Old files or unwanted files have to be deleted in order to make free space for new files. So, while doing this, you might have accidentally deleted some important files along with unwanted files. As a result, you would have lost your important files including your memorable pictures, videos, etc.

You might have thought of transferring your recently captured images and recorder videos from your Kodak camera to your system. So, you would have connected the memory card of your camera to your computer via card reader. While transferring files from Kodak camera memory card to your computer, you might have abruptly ejected the memory card from the system. As a result some files would have completely transferred while some files might be transferred incompletely. This would have resulted in deletion of some files from your camera as well as from your system.

Severe virus infection is one of the most common factors for the loss of files from Kodak camera. Virus and malwares are very dangerous and malicious programs that can cause severe harm to your files. Sometimes, you might have connected your camera memory card to a virus infected computer to transfer some files from it to your memory card and vice versa. You might have transferred some virus infected files from other system to your camera memory card. As a result, those virus infected files would have caused severe harm to the other files previously stored in your memory card. This would have resulted in corruption of your memory card and the files saved in it might have become inaccessible.

Besides above factors, you might have lost your important files from your Kodak camera due to various other factors like bad sectors, memory card corruption, power outage, file system corruption, deletion by third party application, error during file transfer, etc.

In order to avoid all the above mentioned data loss scenarios, it is safer to have legitimate backup of all the important files on some portable storage media or else on the hard disk drive of your system. Even if you failed to have regular backup of files, no need to worry because you can easily recover Kodak files with the assistance of Kodak Recovery software on your system.

Features of Kodak Recovery software:  

This software is capable of recovering different types of media files from Kodak camera such as images, videos, audio files and so on. The image files supported by this software are RAW, PSD, BMP, TIFF, GIFF, JPEG, GIF, NEF, DNG, CRW, CR2, ARW, PNG, etc. This tool can recover different types of video file formats such as MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV and so on. It can be used to recover files from SD card, SDHC card, xD card, CF card, MMC card, flash card and other types of memory cards used over Kodak camera. This tool is compatible over different versions of Mac and Windows operating systems which include Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Snow Leopard, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003, 2000 and so on.

This tool is designed using special algorithms which permits you to preview all the recovered files in the demo version itself. It even allows you to save entire data recovery process in the demo version by providing the option “Save Recovery Session”. So, after purchasing this tool you can resume with the saved recovery session by just selecting “Open Recovery Session” option. You can sort all the recovered files on the basis of different file attributes like file name, file type, file size and date. It facilitates you to add or edit file signatures over the recovered files if it is not listed. You can view recovered data in File Type View. This is completely virus and malware free tool. It is read only software as it can recover your lost files without making any modifications to the original files, the same quality of pictures and videos will be retained even after recovery.

Find an Easy Way to Restore Deleted ot Lost Pictures from Mac OS X

“I am using Mac OS, last year I went for a world tour there I had captured many photos then I came back and loaded it in my Mac system. Then I went for my sister’s marriage once I came back and loaded all the photos in my Mac system. I am having more than 50GB of photo files in my Mac system some are important and some are personals. After few days, my uncle wants to see my sister’s marriage photo. Once I switch on the system I got shocked because I missed all the photo files I have loaded in my Mac system. It’s very worse that I don’t even have backup. What can I do now? Are there any possibilities of recovering my lost photos? “

Just calm down, this is not an uncommon issue. Don’t be afraid your photo still remains in your Mac system. There is a world class, awesome and power packed recovery tool. Mac OS photo recovery tool is the only way for your Mac OS x photo recovery. This application assists you to recover pictures on Mac OS X in few simple steps. You can restore all types photo from Mac hard drive, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, etc.

Features of Mac OS x photo recovery tool:

  • It recovers and restores all deleted and lost photo, audio and video files deleted due to various file deletion scenarios.
  • Scans your volumes/drives quickly in a couple of minutes to retrieve all your lost or deleted photos, which were deleted using “command + delete “option.
  • Recover multimedia files from formatted Mac volumes, hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, and USB hard drives, iPods, Mp3 players, SD cards, CF cards, Memory cards and Memory Sticks.
  • It has a powerful scan engine so that it helps to recover and analyze lost data from every single Mac volumes/drives which are inaccessible and fails to mount.
  • It successfully recovers data from HFSX, HFS+, FAT16 and FAT32 Partitions/volumes.
  • It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 x and all above versions such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.
  • It facilitates you with “save recovery session “option with this option you can resume the recovery process at any time, you need not to be rescanned the files again.
  • Recovered data can be sorted on the basis of name, size, date and file type.
  • It facilitates you with “preview” option that you can review recovered files prior to restoration.
  • It performs safe and secure file recovery process because it is free from virus, malware and spyware.
  • You can avail free technical supports 24×7 via e-mail and live chats.

Scenarios that cause data loss in Mac OS x:

  • Pressing “delete all “button while previewing photos on camera can also cause deletion of photos.
  • Accidentally deleting files using Command+Delete option.
  • Clicking shots or videos while camera/camcorder is low on battery.
  • The corruption of apple partition map can also cause loss of data.
  • Accidentally pressing format button when your memory card is connected to the Mac system may also cause deletion of photos.
  • Disc installation may also cause loss of photos.
  • Removing the memory card abruptly from the camera or card reader.
  • When the Memory card is connected to your Mac system, the improper shutdown, improper ejection, power surge will make card corrupted and data loss occurs.
  • Improper synchronization process will also cause data loss.
  • Sometimes you may transferring the files from your storage devices to your Mac system the interruption in the in the transfer of files may also cause file deletion.
  • Files can be lost due to third party applications.
  • Photo files may also get lost due to iPhoto library corruption.
  • Virus attack and other factors like malware and spyware can also cause data loss.

Tips to avoid photo loss in Mac OS x:

  • Avoid saving new photos to the same memory cars from which you lost or deleted your photos which avoid overwriting.
  • Don’t save the recovered photos on the same memory card from which you are recovering.
  • Don’t use the same memory card for various devices.

Quick way to Repair Word File

MS Word is considered as one of the most famous application to generate Word files. By using this application, users can create, edit or save Word documents. This application is available as part of Microsoft Office suit as well as a stand alone program. Some of the significant features of this application include spelling and grammar checking, embedding images, tables and charts, highly customized printing etc. It supports .doc and .docx file formats. The latest version of MS Word currently available is Microsoft Word 2015.

Sometimes, your Word files can get corrupt due to a number of reasons. Imagine you are creating an important Word file for your academic project.  You may have spent a lot of time and effort to work on that document. But, suddenly the computer got shut down, and even you have not saved your Word file. Some time later you are trying to open that particular Word file, but it is not opening. Why it is happening? It may be because of your Word file get corrupted.  It is obvious that you did not have enough time to save the file properly because of unexpected shut down of the system.

What will be your reaction in such a situation? Do you sit idle or try to find a solution to fix the file?  If you use Quick Fix Word Repair tool, it is not a difficult task to fix a corrupted Word document. It repairs Word documents having problems with texts, OLE objects, hyperlinks, million objects etc.

Factors of Word file corruption:

  • If any harmful viruses affect your saved Word files, it may damages the file completely.
  • Sometimes, while downloading MS Word files from internet, some files may not open properly and error messages such as ‘Word file is corrupted’ may display. You may need to repair those broken to get complete word file.
  • You just converted the file format of a Word file into another format, and reconverted back to its original format. In such situations there is a high chance for a Word file getting corrupted.
  • Imagine, MS Word application closed in an improper way because of a sudden shutdown. Then Word files that have been working on may be get damaged and they will not accessible.

All of the above mentioned scenarios are solvable with help of Quick Fix Word repair tool with no matter because of which reason your Word files get corrupted. This application provides a quick solution to fix Word documents easily and uses fast scanning algorithm within a few mouse clicks.

Attractive properties of Quick Fix Word Software:

  •  This application is well suited with all versions of MS Word including 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.
  •  Word files having DOC and DOCX extensions are repairable using this software. An easy to use wizard enables you to repair a corrupted Word file easily.
  •  Once the scanning process is over, you can preview the file that can be fixed.
  •  This is completely a read only application. It scans and extracts the text from damaged or corrupted Word files that refuses to open. Once a file is repaired using this application, the extracted text can be saved in a new, healthy file.
  •  This software supports Windows operating systems such as Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  •  For installation, you require only a nominal disk space.
  •  Dedicated Technical Support team is available to resolve customer’s doubts regarding this software. You can contact them 24×7 through live chatting or by submission of support ticket through company website.

How to Fix and Extract Files from Corrupt WInRAR Archives

“Have your important RAR file got corrupted or damaged and you don’t know the way to repair it? If yes, read out this detailed article which guides you how to perform RAR fix process with an utmost ease.”

RAR (Roshal Archive) is the native format of WINRAR archive and it is commonly used to store one or more large sized files in a compressed form and to view the file it should be extracted. The compressed files are usually stored in the file format of .rar extensions. Once the files are compressed, it can be easily transferred to others over the internet through emails and other communication media’s. Besides, the compressed files can also be transferred to external storage devices via USB mass storage in an easy and secured manner. Also, the user can protect the RAR file with password to avoid unauthorized person accessing it.

It provides plentiful of advantages to users, but still there are chances for compressed Roshal Archive to get corrupt or damaged due to some errors. Anyhow, by using RAR Repair Software you can extract corrupted RAR files in a short period of time. It is the most popular tool recommended by group of industry experts to repair and extract data from corrupt RAR files in a simple and effective manner.

Reasons responsible for RAR file corruption:

  • Header File Corruption: Header of .rar files plays a major role since it is used to access necessary information such as file name, file size, date and file location of each and every file. Therefore, if the header file gets corrupted due to some malfunctioning within the device, then there are high possibilities for RAR file to get damaged.
  • Improper RAR File Transfer: Roshal Archive Files from Windows device can be transferred to external storage device via USB data cable. While transferring, if you knowingly or unknowingly click the cancel button then the transfer process will be stopped, which might also lead to corruption of RAR file.
  • Infection of Virus: Virus has an efficiency to enter Windows hard drive through any unwanted attachment while you download files from internet, receiving the data from virus infected devices and connecting the system with virus attacked device. Thus, if the entered viruses are malicious then it can corrupt the files that are available on hard drive which includes your compressed RAR files.
  • Downloading Error: Generally, .rar files are large in size. Thus if any interruptions such as internet failure or bad net connection during the download process occurs, then it can result in corruption of files while extracting data from compressed .rar file.

These were some of the reasons for compressed Roshal Archive file corruption. Well you don’t have to get worried if you come across similar kind of situations as data from corrupt RAR Archive can be extracted easily by using Repair RAR software in a perfect manner.

Features of Repair RAR Software:

RAR Repair is a popular tool which has the capability to extract files and folders from any corrupted or damaged RAR Archives without causing any damage. It is a completely automated repair, which has capacity to scan entire storage in few minutes and can extract corrupted files in quick session. This application is completely non-destructive and read-only software, which ensures that the original corrupt RAR file will be unharmed and also it enhances to extract compressed .rar without causing any alteration to original files. It has an ability to extract data from .rar file created on any version of RAR files with different compression rates. Using this repairing too, user can fix large Roshal Archive corrupted file which is over the size of 4GB.

This repair tool allows user to extract password protected Roshal Archive files and encrypted RAR files in a few simple clicks. Also, with the usage of this powerful utility, you can extract damaged Roshal Archive file that are saved on removable storage media like external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, etc. The trial version of this app will allow you to preview the recovered data after repair process of extracting .rar file is completed successfully. By this, a user will know the capability of app before purchasing the product. This repair software can be installed and worked well in key versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and 2008 to extract corrupted files. For installing this application on your computer, you don’t have to worry much about space because this tool consumes very less amount of space which is likely 50 MB.

Precautionary Measures to avoid corruption of RAR File:

  • Avoid ejecting the external storage while transferring the compressed Roshal Archives.
  • Protect your device with authorized anti-virus utility so that viruses might not harm the available RAR files.
  • Make sure that internet is faster while extracting the large sized compressed file.

Excellent Tool for Recovery of Digital Photos on Mac

In this digitalized world, most of the people always store their precious memories with the digital photo on Mac. To be honestly, all these bring you convenience, but the issue comes at the same time. What if the photos were lost from your Mac hard drive? If lucky enough, you can restore those lost or deleted photos from Mac as it is possible to back in the Trash Bin. But if the photos are deleted from Trash Bin or, how to solve this issue? The normal way cannot help you to find back the lost photos from Mac. At this instance, a powerful application which can help you to get lost pictures back is strongly needed.

Are you looking for best way to restore digital photos from Mac? Do you know which program must be utilized to restore deleted photos from Mac? Are you busy in browsing for finding the solution on recovery of digital photos on Mac? If you want to get the answer for all these queries then there is nothing to get worried at all. This is because you can get an easy solution for recovery digital photos from Mac with the support of this reliable third party tool named as Mac photo recovery tool. This digital photo recovery software Mac is user friendly photo recovery program that is fully capable to retrieve photos that are lost due to accidental scenarios or because of some unknown reasons.

Causes that leads to loss/deletion of photos from Mac

  • When you come across an unexpected power failure or sudden fluctuation in power supply while copying the digital photos from external hard drive to the system or vice-versa, can stop the copying process resulting in the loss of digital photos from Mac hard drive.
  • File system corruption, conversion of file system, software malfunction, re-partitioning errors, etc can cause loss of digital photos from your Mac hard drive.
  • Unintentional formatting or corruption of partition on Mac hard drive containing precious digital photos would lead to loss of photos.

 Important tips to avoid loss of digital photos

  • Have an antivirus installed in your Mac PC so that your hard drive does not get infected by a virus.
  • It is suggested to be patient and carefully check the media files before deleting.
  • Keep the backup of important digital photos on some external storage media so that you can easily restore in case you have lost them.

Mac photo recovery is the savior for your lost digital photos on Mac. This tool is is an all-in-one media file recovery tool, with its easy-to-use function and do-it-yourself operating option, no more technical skill are needed, only you know few clicks on your Mac. All the lost digital photo files can be recovered easily in minutes on Mac. It enables you to restore digital photos of type .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff etc. Along with these popular photo types, it is highly proficient in rescuing raw image file formats like .nef, .arw, .cr2, .mrw, .raf, .raw, and .orf captured from well-liked professional DSLR cameras like Nikon, Sony, Canon, Minolta, Fujifilm, Panasonic, and Olympus respectively. You can also carry out Mac photo recovery from formatted USB drive with the aid of this Mac photo recovery tool.