Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Mac OS X

Apple is one the leading American Multinational company that designs and develops various electronic consumer goods. Apple creates desktop computers, Mac notebooks, iPods,  iPhones, laptops etc. In Apple computers you are using Mac OS x as operating systems, you will store lots of files like documents, images, audio, video, etc. to keep them safe for future use. Sometimes, you might find that your files got deleted or lost from your Mac machine due to various scenarios. This may happen while you view or edit your file on your Mac machine. The loss is also possible while transferring the files from Mac machine to other external devices.

The moment you find your files are deleted or missing on your Mac machine, first try to search them in other storage devices but if those files are not available then don’t get depressed or panic. There is an effective tool to recover your files. Mac file recovery software can instantly recover files from Mac OS X with few easy steps. This application can restore all types of files such as audio, video, documents, pictures and many more. In addition, any type of user can easily access the application and perform file recovery process since it is rich in the user interface and descriptive in nature.

Scenarios of files loss in Mac OS x:

  • Accidental deletion: While you are working with your Mac machines, sometimes you could have accidentally used “command + delete” option while some files are selected this will instantly delete your files.
  • Journal corruption: the journal is a feature which will have all the information about data and file system. This is the log files which will keep all file changes. Some problem with the journal will cause loss of files.
  • Interrupting file transfer process: You may also lose files from Mac OS X machines while transferring files from one machine to another USB device if any interruptions occur, such as abrupt removing of USB device, sudden system shutdown, etc.
  • Formatting volume: Formatting a volume of the hard drive in a Mac OS X erases all data stored in it. Suppose if you have formatted a volume of the hard drive in your system accidentally, where all essential files are stored in it then you will lose all files from that volume.
  • File system error: Suppose if you have come across file system error then you might fail to boot the system properly and this leads to loss of all files from Mac OS X hard drive.

Suppose if you have lost any essential files from Mac OS X hard drive due to any of above reasons then no need to worry; because with the use of this software you can easily restore all files with safe and secure.

Features of application are

  • Recovers all types of files including audios, videos, pictures, documents, etc
  • Recovers files from formatted, inaccessible, corrupted volumes of Mac OS X hard drive
  • Performs deep scanning of the hard drive to restore data
  • Provides “FIND TOOL” option to search specific file from the restored file list
  • Restores and finds various file types on basis of their unique signatures
  • Displays all restored files in File Type View and Data View format
  • Restored files can be sorted on basis of size, name, data and file type, etc
  • Supports HFSX, HFS+, FAT16 and FAT32 file system
  • Recovers files from other storage devices such as external hard drive, pen drive, memory card, etc…
  • Provides free technical support for customers for 24 x 7 via E-mail and live chat applications
  • It works on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and above such as Leopard, Snow leopard, Lion, Mountain lion, Mavericks and Yosemite

Tips to avoid file loss:

  • Back up all essential files before formatting Mac hard drive
  • Make use of updated anti-virus software to kill virus threats from the hard drive
  • Make use of UPS to avoid abrupt power loss in the system