How to Recover Data from Corrupted Micro SD Card

Micro SD card is used to carry all the important multimedia files like pictures, videos, audios, etc from the memory device to the computer. You always capture photos by using digital camera, Smartphone, etc and those pictures are stored in this Micro SD card. But sometimes the sudden event will do damage to the Micro SD card and the files that are stored on it gets corrupted like the sudden power off during the transfer from PC to the digital camera or other emergence that you won’t know. It seems impossible to completely avoid the corruption on the Micro SD that is happening at various situations. This is because the reason that causes Micro SD corruption cannot be control. Hence you must be ready to restore data from corrupted SD Card anytime. But how can you do that? Do you know which application must be used to recover data from corrupted Micro SD card?

If you are the one who is searching for the answer for all these questions then get the answer from this SDXC card recovery tool. This SDXC card recovery is one of the most professional data recovery tool that has an ability to recover data from corrupted Micro SD card within a matter of few minutes. It supports recovery of photos, documents, videos, audios, and other multimedia files from corrupted Micro SD card with ease.

You can find many causes that have higher impact leading to Micro SD card corruption. Now let us gather some information about those scenarios that results in the corruption of Micro SD card

Deadly virus infection corrupts your Micro SD card. These infectious applications can get into the PC when you are using internet and corrupts the Micro SD card that is connected to the system. Hence it’s highly suggested to make use of an updated antivirus tool that prevents your system from getting infected with virus else you may encounter loss of valuable files that are preserved on it. Sudden crash of system when the Micro SD card has been connected to move files can cause its corruption. Some factors like power failure, sudden ejection of Micro SD card from system and sudden system shutdown while moving files between Micro SD card and the system can cause SD card corruption as a result data stored in it becomes inaccessible.

Important tips to be followed

  • Have a habit of removing the Micro SD card from the system with proper procedure.
  • Do not use Micro SD card on different OS that may result in its corruption.
  • Never connect Micro SD card to devices that are already infected with malwares.

In spite of taking these precautionary steps, if you come across any corruption issues with SD card then presser this SDXC card recovery tool as mentioned above in this article to restore data from corrupted SD card. This toolkit is built with deep scanning algorithms so that not even a single file is missed while, recovering files from corrupted Micro SD Card. Supports recovery of  .mov, .avi, .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, .png, X3F, SRF, AMR and other RAW images with few clicks. It has an ability to retrieve files from different types of flash card devices like SD card, SDHC, Mini SD, micro SD, CF cards, Memory Stick, USB flash drive etc.

How to use card recovery software to recover media from corrupted memory card data?


Have you encountered with a situation in which you lose your precious media files due to memory card corruption? And still searching for a way to recover them back, then you are search ends here.  Corrupted card recovery tool is the perfect answer for your problem.  It is the most useful recovery software which can easily recover media files from the corrupted memory card. This software can retrieve almost all types of files from any kind of data loss situation. How to restore files from corrupted memory card? is the most common question asked by the memory card users, to sort out this in industry experts designed this tool specially to recover data from flash cards.  This tool contains so many effective features and functionalities which are required to recover media files from corrupted memory card.

Memory card gets corrupted due to various reasons, among them most common one is virus attack. If your card is infected by the severe viruses, at in this situation it will shows an error message while storing or accessing the files from memory card. In this condition you need to use the corrupted card recovery software which recovers your corrupted files safely.

Whenever you connect your memory card to your computer using a card reader, it acts like the external device. For the safety purpose of the media files stored in the memory card, it should be properly ejected. Because improper ejection of card, may corrupt the media files stored in it. Sudden ejection of card while the files are being transferred from the card to the computer’s hard drive interrupts the file transfer process in between. In this case, some files were completely transferred and some may be in the middle of the transfer process which corrupts the card.

In addition to this there are many more reasons which results in memory card corruption such as forcefully adding files to the memory card, using the same card in various devices, clicking photos when the camera is low on battery, shooting and deleting files rapidly when the card is full. All digital cameras and mobile phones use memory card to store photos and other media files. How to recover data from memory card question is now having a perfect answer as card recovery tool.

With the help of this software, you can also recover media file from the memory card which is corrupted because of file system corruption. This application is having simple user interface, which helps user to carry out the file recovery process without facing any difficulty. It supports various card brands such as: San Disk, Samsung, Sony, Kodak, Lexar, Toshiba, Canon etc. This tool is highly compatible with all the latest and advanced versions of both Windows and Mac OS. For the media file recovery process, you need to select the trial version of this software first. Trial version helps you to estimate the software performance. If you find that the results of trial version is as per your requirement, then go-ahead and download full version of the tool to save your recovered media files.